Clifton College: Bristol, Avon, UK

Bristol, Somerset, United Kingdom

Clifton College: Bristol, Avon, UK

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One of British schools. Looking for a boarding school in Bristol? Here we present one of boarding high schools in England! Clifton College in Bristol, Avon is an independent co-ed boarding & day school for girls & boys aged 3- 18 years in Clifton, Bristol.
The Third form (Year 9) is a year of swift and exciting progress in which pupils learn to become more independent and develop methods of work that will carry them through their later career in the school. It can also be seen as a foundation year in which goals achieved in pupils' previous schools are further developed and broadened in preparation for courses at GCSE. Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum sets out the programmes of study for boys and girls in Year Groups 7-9 (ages 11-14). It is a vital time in a child’s education when pupils are inquisitive and eager to learn. At Clifton we recognise the importance of encouraging and nurturing this natural enthusiasm. We pride ourselves on the individual care and attention given to pupils. A strong and well-established system of pastoral and tutorial care provides an environment in which individuals flourish. Fourth and Fifth Forms At Key Stage 4 (age 14 - 16) pupils follow a number of courses to GCSE. The curriculum has a common core but offers greater choice and flexibility than in the Third form, allowing pupils to pursue their own interests. At the same time a rich and varied co-curriculum provides widening opportunities in sport, art, drama, music and other activities. Careers education and work-related learning help to shape ambitions as boys and girls start to think about the opportunities available to them in the Sixth Form and beyond. The academic curriculum aims to provide for the needs of the individual but also ensures that every pupil is given access to a core of knowledge and cultural experience that is the basis for progress in learning and personal development. Some pupils will choose a curriculum that is as broad and varied as possible. Others will wish to follow particular interests and talents. Some will want to study as many subjects as they can while others will do better by focusing on a narrower curriculum. Our aim is to satisfy all these needs and to provide a programme of academic work, sport and cultural activity that is challenging, fulfilling and enjoyable. Sixth Form A-levels are based on four or six units of approximately equal size with the exact number varying by subject. Half of the units make up the Advanced Subsidiary (AS), representing the first half of an Advanced level course of study. The others are known as A2, representing the second half of the course. The AS-Level is a qualification in its own right and is worth half an A-Level in terms of UCAS points. All A-levels now allow for modular assessment and all include synoptic elements, designed to test a candidate's ability to make connections between different parts of the subject. Both AS and A-levels are graded A to E for pass grades, with U (unclassified) for fail. From September 2013, all A-Level exams will be taken in the summer terms only, following the removal of the January exam sitting. Further changes to A Levels are planned by the government, but have yet to take effect. Clifton offers a wide range of subjects to its Lower Sixth pupils, most of whom study four subjects to AS. To add further breadth of opportunity to the Sixth form we have a fifth timetable sector, known as Sector E (see page 55 for full details). Sector E allows pupils to pursue non-examined interests such as Medical Preparation or Play Directing or to choose an additional, two-year, GCSE or AS course in, for example, a new modern language. Where necessary, others may take the opportunity to re-sit Maths or English GCSE. Most will then take three subjects to A-level, though some will continue with four. It may be possible to re-sit an AS or pick up an additional AS in the Upper Sixth. In this way we hope to provide as much flexibility as possible. Most pupils will leave Clifton with three A-levels and an AS-level. For many, the fourth and/or fifth subject will add breadth and contrast to the curriculum, though there will be others for whom the additional AS will support and complement the three main A-level subjects.

Summer courses at Clifton College
ummer Courses at Clifton College are for international students aged 8 – 17 who are visiting the UK for a short period of 2 – 4 weeks. We welcome groups of students aged 8 – 17 accompanied by one or more Group Leaders and individual students aged 13 – 17. The courses combine English language tuition, general or specialist activities and classes, events, local visits and excursions to places of interest.

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 200 195 395
Day School: 426 426 852

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Rolling or fixed admission date? Rolling

Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: £7,140–£12,260

Day school only cost: £3,150–£8,110

Summer Programs

Clifton College is a traditional English boarding school that values very highly the international dimension and the cosmopolitan atmosphere brought to the school by its overseas’ boarders and its summer school students. In term-time, the school teaches over 1200 pupils (30% from overseas) and in the summer there are up to 400 residential students at any one time from more than 20 different countries. The summer school runs for six weeks in July and August and is open to groups (8-17 yrs) and individual students (13–17 yrs) for 2-4 week stays. Wonderful summer course in beautiful Bristol city in UK! - safe residential campus - 15 minutes walk from Bristol city centre - avg. 350 students in total per course - min. 15 different nationalities - 15 hrs per week of General English - choice of afternoon programmes: Multi-Activity Academic English Tennis & Golf Coaching Work Experience - discover Bristol visits - excursions.
For English classes and daytime activities, students are divided into 2 age-groups: • Kids (8-12 yrs) • Teens (13-17 yrs) Kids have activities every morning from 09:00 – 12:15 and English classes in the afternoon from 13:30 – 17:15 (12 hours per week). Teens have morning English classes from 09:00 – 12:40 (15 hours per week) and afternoon activities or classes from 13:45 – 17:00. Excursions Students will visit Bath and Cardiff on their half-day excursions (13:45 – 19:30) and London and Oxford for a full-day (09:30 – 21:30). All students will have a “Discover Bristol” day which includes an open-top bus sightseeing tour. *Additional destinations are offered to students staying for 3 or 4 weeks. Optional visits and excursions can be arranged for groups and these can be booked in advance or on arrival at the College.
Vacation Courses (13-17 yrs; 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks) These courses combine on-campus sports coaching (football, tennis, basketball), multi-activity sessions (swimming, rounders, dodgeball, touch rugby, cricket), artistic activities (dance, drama, film-making, arts & crafts) with educational “Discover Bristol” walks and visits. Students are supervised at all times by Clifton College Summer School staff. Course Fees: £998 per week Academic Courses (13-17 yrs; 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks) Courses for motivated international students with an interest in improving their General English skills and/or continuing their secondary or higher education in an English-speaking environment. Intensive English Course (entry level: B1) is an extra 10 hours per week of General English for those students wishing to make additional progress with their communication skills in English (speaking, listening, reading, writing). The extra lessons will complement the morning classes and lead to a more rapid overall improvement. Course Fees: £1100 per week Academic English Course (entry level: B2) is designed for students who are interested in studying in an English-speaking environment e.g. at a UK, US or International High-School or at a university where English is the common language. The course is 10 hours per week and is for students with a level of B2 and higher. It offers an introduction to the differences between General and Academic English as well as helping students to develop the communication skills that are necessary for studying academic subjects in an English-speaking context. Course Fees: £1155 per week Individual Sports Coaching (13-17 yrs; 1 or 2 weeks) These courses are for athletic students wishing to experience high-quality professional coaching in their chosen sport. Students will receive 9 hours per week of tailor-made one-to-one coaching in English. Tennis Coaching takes place on the College’s own courts and is delivered by a team of LTA-qualified coaches from Absolute Tennis Bristol who also coach the Clifton College tennis teams throughout the year. Course Fees: £1365 per week Golf Coaching is provided by the Paul Mitchell Golf Academy at the nearby Bristol & Clifton Golf Club which has one of the best 18-hole championship courses in the area. All the coaches are PGA-qualified and the practice facilities at the Club are excellent. Transport and equipment is provided. Course Fees: £1680 per week


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Clifton College: Bristol, Avon, UK - Your boarding school in Bristol, Somerset


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