Cheshire Academy: Cheshire, Connecticut, USA

Cheshire, Connecticut, United States

Cheshire Academy: Cheshire, Connecticut, USA

Price Range ₤ 20,000-30,000 per annum


Cheshire Academy in Cheshire, Connecticut, USA is worth considering when you are searching for boarding schools in America. The School was founded in 1794 and it is an independent, coeducational boarding and day school the community of which is composed of 400 students in grades 8-12 and a postgraduate year. It is often being referred to as The Student-Centred School, the Academy gives its pupils a demanding but still a very supportive educational environment for students. The Cheshire Academy, with great athletic opportunities and a wide choice of arts offerings, students are provided with a great and passionate educational experience.

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Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 100 160 260
Day School: 59 77 136
Year of foundation: 1794
Some history:

Cheshire Academy has been among the best boarding schools since its foundation in 1794. Throughout the history, the Academy has faced number of changes which only made the schools position stronger and allowed it to become a giant of education. Because we are not able to tell you the whole history of our school at this website - more than 220 years of existence cannot be told in just a few words - however, we can give you some ideas about this prestigious boarding schools.

Campus size and facilities: 104-acre Campus

Name of Director: Scott Pottbecker

Tel: 203-439-7250

Fax: 203-439-7601

Contact school: contact-us


Rolling or fixed admission date? Rolling

Application fee: $50

International application fee: $100

Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: $ 49,800.00

Day school only cost: $ 34,900.00

Needs based aid: Offered

Percentage of students receiving some aid: is available apply on line at

Merit scholarschips:Offered

About the school

Long description:

Have you ever imagined going to a school which has a long history of existence (founded in 1794!) but which is also presenting an innovative approach to many aspects of education and which definitely meet the requirements of the 21st Century? How about a school that meets you at your educational path and helps you go in a right direction by giving you all support you may need? How about a school with small but encouraging classes and classrooms where discussions and questions are encouraged to be asked(and one of the only boarding/day schools in New England which offers the International Baccalaureate Program)? Do you think you would have been excited to attend a schools where meets all of the nationalities (35 countries) and students from all of the United States and to celebrate the vibrant society we can live in by activities, classes, and just be able to meet people from another countries and to grow up together? What about playing sports, as we have so many many different levels of athletic teams or participating in our extensive art program that will support your growth, challenge you, and maybe even help you find a passion, talent or a hobby that you didnt know that existed before? Finally, would you like to go to school located on a 104 acre campus just in the middle of a vibrant, safe, and friendly town just about 2 hours from the New York City and Boston? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions Cheshire Academy might be the place for you!

Dress code: Formal

Academic life

What we offer? 17 International Baccalaureate Program Courses, 6 Advanced Placement Courses, Roxbury Academy Sup port Program

Number of teachers and their qualifications: 80 Faculty & Administrators with Advanced Degrees

Student/teacher ratio: 7:1

Average class size: 12

Number of AP courses offered: 6

Why Should You Choose this School?

Founded in 1794, the Academy is an independent, coeducational boarding and day school enrolling 400 students in grades 8-12 and a postgraduate year. Known as The Student-Centered School, the Academy provides a challenging yet supportive academic environment for students. With competitive athletics and a wide variety of arts offerings, students receive a well-rounded and engaging educational experience.


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Cheshire Academy: Cheshire, Connecticut, USA - Your boarding school in Cheshire, Connecticut


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Cheshire Academy: Cheshire, Connecticut, USA

Cheshire Academy: Cheshire, Connecticut, USA - Your boarding school in Cheshire, Connecticut


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