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Looking for best USA boarding schools? You may found one! We are presenting here Butte Central Catholic Schools in Butte, Massachussets. This is a co-educational Christian boarding school for boys and girls. Affiliated with NCEA, Butte Central Catholic Schools were founded on the teaching philosophy of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and the Irish Christian Brothers. Butte Central Catholic Schools are an educational institution that provides a venue where students can seek, find, comprehend, and apply the truth in an atmosphere nurtured by Catholic faith. The process of learning involves actively engaging students in the learning process so that rather than passively receiving inf ormation, students are motivated to know how to learn. Butte Central Catholic Schools welcome all students to be part of their traditions and teachings that are based on the belief that each student is a unique, gr owing individual who, as a member of the human, global community, shares in the responsibility for that community. As a Roman Catholic community, Butte Central Catholic Schools proclaim their mission in a spirit of faith, peace and justice. Courses available in the subj ects of: Religion, Writing for College/Reading for Pleasure & Discussion , Social Studies, Math, Health/Physical Education, Fine Arts, Practical Arts(must include Keyboarding), Business, Accounting, Sports Medicine, Choir, Theatre, Graphic Design, Career Ed, Computer Design and Technology, Law, Management, Sciences, Astronomy, and more. How many AP/Honors courses available: 6. Facilities on campus: 385 seat auditorium, 2 computer labs, Chemistry Lab, Cafeteria, Gym, Chapel, Weight room, male student housing Points of interest in the surrounding area/community: Yellowstone National Par k, Lewis and Clark Caverns, Wildlife, Fly - fishing, Kayaking, Golf, Hiking, Dinosaur digging, Lakes, Virginia City Ghost Town, Bozeman, Ski Resorts, Maroon Activity Center. Beyond the school owned properties, Butte Central students frequently access facili ties at Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Clark Mans i on, Historic Uptown Butte on the National Historical Registry, Butte City Parks, Discovery Ski A rea, Beaverhead, Big Hole and Jefferson Rivers and the national forest/recreational areas that sur round the Butte Area.

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Butte Central Catholic Schools: Butte, Massachussets, USA | Best Boarding Schools
Butte Central Catholic Schools: Butte, Massachussets, USA | Best Boarding Schools
Butte Central Catholic Schools: Butte, Massachussets, USA | Best Boarding Schools



9 South Idaho, Butte, MT , Butte, Massachusetts, United States, Postcode - 59701
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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Registered in England and Wales Registered number 8369137