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Do you want to find boarding schools in United States? Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, Vermont, USA has great facilities to all demanding international students. This is one of top boarding schools in Vermont, US. Great school if you love skiing. There is a broad array of academic choices at Burr and Burton Academy, from Advanced Placement English to independent film-making to robotics. Planning a student’s formal class work is an important task, and prior to entering ninth grade, students and parents meet with members of the School and College Counseling Office to develop a tentative four-year program. The counselors meet with all new students to do the same. It is possible that during the early years of high school students may be uncertain about plans after graduation. However, by the time students enter their junior year, they should have more definite plans so that appropriate courses can be selected. The counselors will help all students to develop a program suited to their individual needs and abilities. Burr and Burton operates on a modified block schedule. Of the eight courses students take each year six are one-credit semester-long courses (three each semester) and two meet three days a week for the full year. The Winter Academic Ski Program evolved out of a series of discussions between parents of Burr and Burton Academy skiers, Headmaster Mark Tashjian, Athletic Director Kathi Bierwirth and other interested parties. The parents appreciated the holistic educational and co-curricular experience that Burr and Burton Academy offers and sought support to keep their children at home and enrolled at Burr and Burton Academy while pursuing a competitive ski racing schedule. Burr and Burton Academy recognized the many contributions of these students and wanted to provide structure and support that would permit skiers to keep pace in regular Burr and Burton classes while advancing their individual skiing goals and performance. The Arts courses at Burr and Burton Academy are offered through three departments; the Media Arts and Sciences Department, the Performing Arts Department and the Visual/Practical Arts Department. Each program provides unique opportunities for cultural literacy in the major disciplines of Dance, Drama, Music, Technology, Graphic Design, Visual Art, Film, Drafting and more. Our mission in the Arts is to help students discover the artistic process. What are the necessary thinking skills needed to allow the artist to express their true artistic intent? This question is explored in excellent facilities for all the Arts offerings. Students have access to film production studios, audio recording facilities, music and digital photography labs, a ceramics studio, a wood shop, a dance studio, practice rooms, and rehearsal halls. Live performances and film festivals can be seen in the Riley Center for the Arts and at the Southern Vermont Arts Center throughout the year. The performing arts are very popular at Burr and Burton, both as academic courses and as extracurricular activities. Athletic facilities include the E.H. Henry Physical Education Center, Pettibone Field, two upper fields, and the ropes course. Athletic teams also have use of the excellent facilities at the Dana L. Thompson Memorial Park in Manchester. The ski team uses nearby Bromley Mountain Ski area and the golf team practices at the Manchester Country Club.

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Burr and Burton Academy: Manchester, Vermont, USA | Best Boarding Schools



57 Seminary Ave, Manchester, VT 05254 , Manchester, New Hampshire, United States, Postcode - 05254
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