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Boarding School West Sussex

Burgess Hill School for Girls is an independent full boarding school for girls from 11 to 18 years. Burgess Hill School is located in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, England. Our school has a Nursery (boys accepted), Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form. Burgess Hill School for Girls is one of top boarding schools in United Kingdom which offers girls only residential education. Nearest international airport: Gatwick (24km, 20 minutes drive) and 60 minutes drive to Heathrow!


  • 7 days boarding: £9,350 – £10,680

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 51 0 51
Day School: 426 47 473

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About the school

  • Long description:

    Junior Boarding School

    Broad curriculum of this independent full boarding school  is based on the National Curriculum and the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies... with added extras! Spread across the week, most pupils will have five P.E. lessons and two Music lessons with subject specialists. There are opportunities to enjoy further sporting and musical activities in the many extra-curricular activities offered in this junior boarding school. In infant classes and lower juniors much of the work is taught using a cross-curricular approach. Our successful Special Needs policy caters for girls with exceptional ability as well as those with mild specific learning difficulties.

     CORE SUBJECTS:, English, Maths , Science

     FOUNDATION SUBJECTS: Art, Design & Technology, Geography, History, I.C.T., Music , P.E.

     OTHERS SUBJECTS TAUGHT: French, Religious Education, Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship , Current Affairs, Dance, Drama

    Senior and Sixth Form Boarding School

    In Years 7 to 9  this independent full boarding school  offers a broad and balanced common curriculum comprising Science, Mathematics, English, French and (in Years 8 and 9) either German or Spanish, History, Geography, ICT, Latin, Religious Studies, Art, Drama, Music, Technology and PE. In Years 10 and 11 all students follow core GCSE programmes in Mathematics, three single Sciences or a double award co-ordinated Science and either English Literature and Language or preparation for IELTs (International English Language Tests).  Students add four GCSEs to their core programme from a wide choice of Modern and Ancient foreign languages, humanities, technical and creative subjects offered by this independent full boarding school. English as an Additional Language is available for overseas students.

     In Year 7 all girls follow an Integrated Studies course to develop transferable skills through a cross-curricular approach. The girls are put into small tutor groups and the form tutor gets to know the girls quickly, monitors their academic progress and helps each girl to develop according to her needs and talents. Mathematics & French are set according to ability, but it is possible to move from one set to another easily. The majority of this boarding school students  study 9 or 10 subjects for GCSE chosen from the wide range that is available. Non-examination Life Skills is studied. This comprises Health Education, Religious Education, Careers and Community Service. Sciences can be studied separately, leading to three certificates, or as a dual award leading to two certificates. French, German and Spanish are the School's modern languages. Physical Education plays an important part in the curriculum of this top boarding school in West Sussex.

Academic life

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Burgess Hill Girls: Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Burgess Hill Girls: Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Burgess Hill Girls: Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Burgess Hill Girls: Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK | Best Boarding Schools



Burgess Hill School for Girls, Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex , Burgess Hill, West Sussex, United Kingdom, Postcode - RH15 0EG
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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Registered in England and Wales Registered number 8369137