Buckswood School: Hastings, East Sussex, UK

Hastings, South East, United Kingdom

Buckswood School: Hastings, East Sussex, UK

Price Range ₤ 30,000 - 40,000 per annum


Buckswood School is a co-educational day and boarding school located in East Sussex near Hastings. There are 450 students on roll, from over 40 nationalities aged from 10 to 18.. We broadly follow the UK national curriculum at KS3 and KS4 and the 6th form offers both the A Level and International Baccalaureate programmes. The school offers a host of extra-curricular activities and continues to grow its sporting academies which focus on promoting sporting excellence. 
Buckswood School is no-selective, mainstream independent school that accepts boys and girls from including with learning difficulties. The school offers learning support, additional specialist teaching, and lessons, which also incorporate Study Skills and identify and begin to address ‘gaps in learning’. Mainstream school with support for pupils with Special Educational Needs (boys and girls 10-18 years).

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 93 193 286
Day School: 72 75 147
Year of foundation: 1933
Some history: From its earliest days, Buckswood has inhabited large old country houses just far enough from the hubbub of modern life to benefit from the freedom of the countryside whilst at the same time remaining within striking distance of London. Originally founded near Crawley in 1933, the school boasted that ‘the school is run for children whose parents are abroad’ and that ‘languages are a special feature of the curriculum’. There were also ‘organised games’ and ‘riding taught using our own ponies kept for this purpose.’ 

Originally the school was situated in Uckfield and known as Buckswood Grange School. In 2000, it re-located to the village of Guestling between the towns of Ashford and Hastings in East Sussex.

Buckswood educational group includes three international schools with boarding in England, Nigeria, Georgia and also the St. George's Pre-University Training Center. Buckswood School is the foundation stone of this community.
Campus size and facilities: Located on an area of ​​40 acres on the southern shore and just 90 minutes by train from London, the school campus is 10 minutes away from the famous Hastings seaside retreat, known for the battle of William the Conqueror in the late eleventh century and the instauration of the nomadic domination in England.  

The school is amended and renewed permanently. Classrooms are in different buildings, scattered throughout the campus, which offers excellent freedom in choice of study and extracurricular activities.  

Students have access to wireless internet technology center and library, large cafeteria, sports, heated pool and sauna, stalls and riding stables, sports complex: a rugby academy, a basketball court, tennis courts, scenic arts center, tennis courts, golf and cinema.  
Accreditations: Academically Buckswood offers GCSE, IB diploma and A Level programmes plus full EFL tuition for all overseas students. Buckswood School also offers University Foundation Courses. 

Buckswood school is registered with the Department for Education in the United Kingdom, and is a fully Accredited Member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). A Regular Member of European Council of International Schools (ECIS) and the Council of International Schools (CIS). Buckswood is also Accredited Cambridge International Exams Centre for PET and KET IGCSE and A Level Courses. 

Tel: +44 20 30 269 440

Contact school: contact-us

Website: www.buckswood.co.uk

Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: 9,700 per term

About the school

Long description:

The curriculum
, wide range of clubs and activities, woodland activity centre and specialist sports academies takes every student on a voyage that is as unique as they are. Where ever their talents lie, their journey will tailor itself around them to bring out their best and reveal strengths that can be applied in the classroom and beyond. A Buckswood education seeks to educate the whole child, and our international family from 48 different nations widens every student’s horizons and develops within them a global understanding. Every Buckswoodian leaves with an international address book of friends and network of contacts to help them go further, get further and get ahead… 

Small class sizes and inspiration teaching from industry professionals create an exceptional educational experience. Combining traditional British boarding school customs focusing on manners and deportment with the latest classroom technology drives every student to realise their potential and achieve their ambitions. Our aim is for every Buckswoodian to go to a top university and take their place on the global stage with the courage to change the world for the better. 

Since 1996, the accounting professor is the leading expert in final accounting examinations. 95% of students take their final A-levels exams successfully and 60% with A-B grades. The graduates are admitted to elite universities such as Durham, Exterre, Kent, UCL, Warwick St. Martin's and Royal Holloway. 

The school offers learning support, additional specialist teaching, and lessons, which also incorporate Study Skills and identify and begin to address ‘gaps in learning’

Special Educational Needs Provision:

Quality First Teaching in the Subject Classroom means that teaching is differentiated to meet the needs of most of the scholars, however, some will need ‘additional to’ and ‘different from’ that which is provided for the majority. This is ‘special educational needs provision’ and at Buckswood we provide this by: 
- the use of additional differentiation/resources in the Subject Classroom 
- offering Access Time lessons (There is a daily 55min lesson in every subject dedicated to helping pupils who are struggling.  
- group and/or 1:1 PEN (Personal Educational Needs) Lessons, which also incorporate Study Skills and identify and begin to address ‘gaps in learning’.

Dress code: Formal

Academic life

What we offer?
Sixth form

 Being a sixth former is all about taking the reins of your education and showing the world what you can do! Its about making yourself stand out from the crowd and preparing yourself to take centre stage in your future as you get ready for university and the world of work…
Excellent academic results are not enough in today’s world. You have to be different, but you cannot wait for the world to come to you; you must find an opportunity and seize it! Learn to think outside the box and develop a creative thought process. This is the only way that you will be able to wander this world, hold your head high and have the credentials to secure that university place or job offer you desire.
In the sixth form you only really have 5 terms to make an impression, which equates to only 60 weeks. In these 60 weeks Buckswood encourages you to fill your time with as much as you can, it is the extra activities on offer that will give you the opportunity to be different, and achieve acceptance to your first choice university. This is not the time to take your foot off the gas, but the time to press the accelerator. These 2 years are probably the most important in your life, setting the tone for all future endeavours.

The school offers three pathways to nurture a student’s academic talent; The A Levels, IB or UFC courses. Alongside these pathways are extra-curricular to set you apart, the expertise of Mr Shaw, Head of Sixth Form and the wisdom of Mr Sutton, Director, to guide you to your future. With a proven track record of high pass rates and university entrance, achieving 100% University entrance in 2016, Buckswood is the perfect place to step outside the box and set yourself apart; The “Buckswood Difference” is a wonderful thing. important in your life, setting the tone for all future endeavours.



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Buckswood School: Hastings, East Sussex, UK - Your boarding school in Hastings, South East


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Buckswood School: Hastings, East Sussex, UK

Buckswood School: Hastings, East Sussex, UK - Your boarding school in Hastings, South East


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