Brillantmont International School: Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland

Brillantmont International School: Lausanne, Switzerland

Price Range ₤ 40,000 - 50,000 per annum


Billantmont International School in Lausanne is one of most prestigious elite Swiss boarding schools in French speaking part of Switzerland. Great facilities and location. School year programmes and summer boarding schools.

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 50 50 100
Day School: 25 25 50
Year of foundation: 1882
Some history:


1882: Brillantmont is founded.

1896: The current property is purchased.


1928: There are now seven buildings in all.

1930: Opening of a secondary school section following the French curriculum.


1948: English GCE and American High School sections are established.

1968: The day school programme becomes co-educational.


1983: Brillantmont is accredited by the European Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

1992: The boarding school programme becomes co-educational.

2002: Brillantmont is awarded Fellowship Centre Status by Cambridge International Examinations for its commitment to and involvement with Cambridge International Examinations.

2007: Brillantmont becomes one of a group of schools to be officially recognized by the Swiss Confederation which creates a “Swiss Private School Register”, grouping together accredited schools.

2007: Brillantmont becomes a founding member of Swiss Learning, an association which groups together top quality schools in Switzerland and organises promotional events all over the world.


2009: Launch of revised website and private, personalised intranet area including online gradebooks, daily register and homework.

2011: Opening of the Middle School – welcoming students from aged 11 into Grades 6- 8.

2012: Opening of the Françoise Frei-Huguenin Sports and Cultural Centre – an exciting new facility in the heart of the campus.

Campus size and facilities:


Eight charming buildings, with breath-taking views of the Alps are set in 13,000 m2 of parkland overlooking Lake Geneva. 

At the heart of the campus, lies the multi-purpose sports court, with a clay tennis court set further down. The multi-purpose hall (the Françoise Frei-Huguenin Sports and Cultural Centre) offers a vast range of sporting facilities as well as performance arts spaces, including an 100m2 stage. Many school events and celebrations take place there. The buildings date from the early 1900s, yet behind their old-worldy charm, are modern, well-equipped, comfortable classrooms and boarding areas. All houses have security codes on the doors and at all times, whether in or out of school, students' safety is paramount.


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About the school

Long description:

Brillantmont is a small school, owned by the founding family since 1882. The student is always the focus and the school ensures that every child fulfils his/ her potential in and out of the classroom. The school boasts an average class size of 9 and an integrated use of technology. Brillantmont students enter leading universities all over the world, notably in England, Switzerland and the USA. The language of instruction is English but French, the local language is compulsory.

Dorm Facilities:

The students live in one of five boarding houses with others of the same gender and age and are fully supervised by caring staff who live amongst them and help create a sense of togetherness in which every student can fully develop in confidence

The bedrooms are spacious and many overlook the lake and the Alps. Most students share a room with another student, from a different country, although there are a limited number of single rooms available. Each boarding house has a lounge area and a small kitchen. The fully balanced, international-style meals are taken in the dining room with staff.

Students’ well-being is of paramount importance. A health team, led by our school nurse are on hand not only when students are ill, but also to explore issues related to personal development and growing older. Experienced boarding staff live permanently in the different boarding houses, providing support, care and attention, ensuring that every child is happy and settled.

Academic life

What we offer?

Middle School (Grades 6-8 / UK Years 7-9)

Middle School students (aged 11-14) follow a fixed programme of studies covering a range of subjects, including art, drama and music. Later, students follow courses which lead to British or American examinations, or a combination of both, ensuring that all future doors are opened.

 High School (Grades 9-12 /UK Years 10-13)

American courses

American courses prepare students for American colleges and universities in the USA and throughout the world. PSAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS preparation classes are offered and the PSAT  and  IELTS

examinations can be taken in the school.

Brillantmont offers a traditional college preparatory curriculum leading to a High School Graduation Diploma.

British courses
British Courses prepare students for IGCSE, AS and A Level examinations(Cambridge International Examinations Board) giving access to all universities in the world.
A Levels are highly regarded internationally and successful A Level grades enable students to enter universities throughout the world.

Typically students are prepared in
10th Grade (UK Year 11) for the IGCSE examinations;
11th Grade (UK Year 12) for the AS examinations and
12th Grade (UK Year 13) for the A2 examinations.

AS + A2 = A Level

Average class size: 9

Social life & attractions


A student-led “house” system helps students feel integrated and part of a team, as well as providing opportunities for inter-house competitions. At the end of the school day, numerous extra-curricular activities take place, offering sporting, cultural, creative, humanitarian and leadership opportunities (for example, Model United Nations, Habitat for Humanity, Drama Club, Vocal Club, Rock Band, Cooking Club and many more). Weekend excursions enable students to discover the local area, around Lake Leman but also to explore the Swiss Alps, famous cities and neighbouring European countries.

Sport and culture

Sport Facilities:

Mutipurpose hall – the Françoise Frei-Huguenin Sports and Cultural Centre -sits at the heart of the campus offers a wealth of different sports and activities.

What we offer?

At Brillantmont sports play a very important role in school life. All students take sports classes as part of their timetable and we try to make these classes as varied as possible, so they can try lots of different sports during their time at the school. students participate in several sporting events in Lausanne, such as the Colour Run, Lausanne Marathon, Lausanne 20km run and the popular fancy dress Christmas Midnight Run.  The school offers a wide range of activities, which varies according to the season, for example: beach volleyball, cross country, swimming, ice skating, cycling, cross country skiing 

Culture and arts:

Art and Photography

Art plays a central role in developing student’s creativity and imagination. All art classes take place in the art studio, which is light and airy and in which students can use many medium including pastels, oils, charcoal, drawing, design, printing, sculpture, collage and craft-work.

All Middle School students take Art, exploring many different styles of expression. In High School, many students continue to study art, either as a class or as a club and their exceptional creations are displayed throughout the school. Several students have entered leading Art and Design schools throughout the world and work in that field.

Photography can be followed as a class or a club. Students are encouraged to observe the world around them and learn not only digital photography but also the fundamentals of the darkroom.


All Middle School students take music classes as part of their programme. The Music Studio, has electronic keyboards, recording equipment and other instruments available and students explore a range of musical styles. Many students wish to continue or commence individual instrumental lessons (piano, guitar, violin etc.) and the school works closely with specialised music teachers to enable students to take classes in any instrument, at all levels. For students who wish to continue with music studies at an advanced level, many different opportunities are available in Lausanne, including the Conservatory. Brillantmont has a very talented rock band whose repertoire covers many styles of music. The BM Rock Band performs regularly at school events and is hugely popular.



Drama allows students to explore their imagination and give free-rein to their creativity, both on-stage and behind the scenes. It also develops self-confidence, self-awareness and vocal skills.

The Drama Club meets weekly and welcomes students of all ages. Students develop skills and techniques which they display at the annual school play. For students who love all things creative but don’t want to go on stage, numerous back-stage opportunities exist from sound technician to set-designer.

Summer Programs

Summer Course 2018 dates: Saturday July 7th to Saturday 18th August 2018.

The Brillantmont summer school in Switzerland has been hugely popular for over 30 years, with many students returning year after year. 

  • A unique summer school programme for boys and girls aged 10-17
  • International students from 30 different countries
  • French or English studies in the morning; a variety of  sports in the afternoon
  • Students put their language skills to good use during evening activities and weekend excursions

Flexible programme - choose to stay between two and six weeks, depending on your requirements. Students arrive and depart every Saturday during the summer.

Duration: Flexible length of stay from two to six weeks (arrivals and departures on Saturdays)
Price: CHF2’000.– per week, all inclusive.



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Brillantmont International School: Lausanne, Switzerland

Brillantmont International School: Lausanne, Switzerland - Your boarding school in Lausanne


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