Brillantmont International School: Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland

Brillantmont International School: Lausanne, Switzerland

Price Range ₤ 40,000 - 50,000 per annum


Are you  looking for a boarding school in Lausanne, Switzerland? We are presenting here Billantmont International School in Lausanne. One of most prestigious elite Swiss boarding schools in French speaking part of Switzerland! Great facilities and location. School year programmes and summer boarding schools.

Brillantmont is a small school, owned by the founding family since 1882. The student is always the focus and the school ensures that every child fulfils his/ her potential in and out of the classroom. The school boasts an average class size of 9 and an integrated use of technology. Brillantmont students enter leading universities all over the world, notably in England, Switzerland and the USA. The language of instruction is English but French, the local language is compulsory.


Middle School (Grades 6-8 / UK Years 7-9)

Middle School students (aged 11-14) follow a fixed programme of studies covering a range of subjects, including art, drama and music. Later, students follow courses which lead to British or American examinations, or a combination of both, ensuring that all future doors are opened.


High School (Grades 9-12 /UK Years 10-13)

American courses

American courses prepare students for American colleges and universities in the USA and throughout the world. PSAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS preparation classes are offered and the PSAT and IELTS examinations can be taken in the school.

Brillantmont offers a traditional college preparatory curriculum leading to a High School Graduation Diploma.


British courses
British Courses prepare students for IGCSE, AS and A Level examinations(Cambridge International Examinations Board) giving access to all universities in the world. A Levels are highly regarded internationally and successful A Level grades enable students to enter universities throughout the world.

Typically students are prepared in
10th Grade (UK Year 11) for the IGCSE examinations;
11th Grade (UK Year 12) for the AS examinations and
12th Grade (UK Year 13) for the A2 examinations.

AS + A2 = A Level


Pastoral care

Students’ well-being is of paramount importance. A health team, led by our school nurse are on hand not only when students are ill, but also to explore issues related to personal development and growing older. Experienced boarding staff live permanently in the different boarding houses, providing support, care and attention, ensuring that every child is happy and settled.

School life

A student-led “house” system helps students feel integrated and part of a team, as well as providing opportunities for inter-house competitions. At the end of the school day, numerous extra-curricular activities take place, offering sporting, cultural, creative, humanitarian and leadership opportunities (for example, Model United Nations, Habitat for Humanity, Drama Club, Vocal Club, Rock Band, Cooking Club and many more). Weekend excursions enable students to discover the local area, around Lake Leman but also to explore the Swiss Alps, famous cities and neighbouring European countries.

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Summer Programs

Summer Course

A residential Summer Course for 10-16 year olds to learn French or English with sports, activities and excursions for 2-6 weeks takes place in July and August.



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Brillantmont International School: Lausanne, Switzerland - Your boarding school in Lausanne


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Brillantmont International School: Lausanne, Switzerland

Brillantmont International School: Lausanne, Switzerland - Your boarding school in Lausanne


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