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Brighton College in Brighton, East Sussex is TOP 10 boarding schools in England. The academic programme offered by this prestigious boarding school  is focused to combine a wide academic study, while at the same time allowing students to develop a great understanding of fundamental subjects, and later on, their additional courses taken at GCSE and A level. The academic curriculum of this independent boarding school  is combined with the wide choice of co-curricular activities in order to provide an educational experience of exceptional dimension and diversity. Additionally to the two games afternoons carried out per week (three for Third Formers), all students participate in the co-curricular programme which has six weekly dedicated activity times assigned to it. Creative and expressive arts are offered to the students in the Third and Fourth Forms (Years 7, 8 and 9) to allow them to make them appreciate these subjects which can be helpful in improving and developing of their creative thinking, additional skills and independence when combined with the traditional academic subjects. Humanities are taught in the innovative 'Story of Our Land' programme in the Third Form, which takes advantage of the basis of British History in order to develop and to broaden geographical, philosophical and religious themes over the two years The Fourth Form (Year 9) In the Fourth Form (Year 9) students are offered the traditional range of academic subjects, but with sub-stantial and additional possibilities to be chosen. All pupils study English, Mathematics, the three Sciences, French, Spanish, Latin and Mandarin alongside ICT and the humanities (in discrete subject areas of Religious Studies, Geography and History) with Music, Art and DT which make this section complete. Drama, Dance and Photography can be chosen by any student in the Expressive Arts which is continued through the whole year. Greek is available for those who have some experience in Latin, or who have learned Greek before. GCSE (Years 10 and 11) The Middle School (Years 10-11) programme helps us to prepare our students for studying the A levels in the Sixth Form. Most pupils decide for 10 GCSEs and all pupils do the fundamental subjects of English Literature and English Language, Maths and the three Sciences. In addition students choose four other additional subjects from a wide base of humanities, languages, creative, practical and expressive subjects. There are no restrict subject programmes because we want our students to choose with passion and we seek, as far as possible, to provide each child with an individual plan which is suits them best. A-level (Years 12 and 13) In the Sixth Form (Years 12-13) most of our students will undertake four AS levels and three or four A levels over the two years. The A level makes sure that our pupils develop a mastery in several complementary, or even contrasting, subject fields, which will allow them, in the same time, to pursue dreams and passions in areas which they are personally interested in. What makes this leading boarding school  so special? It is a combination of discipline, professionalism and specialist approach makes our School an ideal place to prepare children for both university and working life career.


  • 7 days boarding: £10,740–£14,140
  • Day school only cost: £5,260–£7,600

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 166 212 378
Day School: 292 429 721

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Brighton College: Brighton, East Sussex, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Brighton College: Brighton, East Sussex, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Brighton College: Brighton, East Sussex, UK | Best Boarding Schools



Eastern Road Brighton, East Sussex , Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom, Postcode - BN2 0AL
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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