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Looking for high boarding schools? This is a great private boarding school for boys and girls in UK!  We present Bootham School in York, North Yorkshire, England. Bootham School is an independent Quaker boarding school in the city of York in North Yorkshire, England. It accepts boys and girls ages 3–19, and had an enrolment around 600 pupils last year.

Skills in observation, prediction, investigation and research form the basis of our Science Junior boarding school curriculum programme of study. Through the range of topics we cover, children are encouraged to use logic, pose questions, form theories and draw conclusions from their findings. Children undertake a programme of Latin in Years 5 and 6, German in Year 6 and French from nursery onwards. This top UK boarding school provides a range of activities which develop their language and communication skills.

College is the name we give to the Sixth Form Boarding School at Bootham; College One is the first year, College Two the second and final year. First and foremost the College Class is ideal preparation for your life at university. You’ve moved on from GCSEs to learning how to develop your analytical and research skills and how to take responsibility for your own learning.

Bootham is a community where staff and students know each other well. The style is not as formal as you may find in other establishments but it is nonetheless extremely effective. The expectation is of good academic results coupled with many opportunities for personal development through the wider curriculum, be it music, sport, drama or outdoor pursuits.


  • 7 days boarding: GBP 10,390 per term

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 43 59 102
Day School: 204 275 479

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Sport and culture

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    A broad and balanced programme of activities incorporating elements of games, gymnastics, dance, swimming, athletics, and outdoor and adventurous activities are provided throughout the Infant and Junior years. This top boarding school provides numerous sporting experiences for children both within the curriculum and as extra curricular activities. Children can participate in a variety of sporting fixtures throughout the year.  Many sporting extra curricular activities of this top UK boarding school include: netball, football, judo, short tennis, basketball, ballet, running and swimming. Our aim is to develop the full potential of each individual and to encourage their knowledge, skills and understanding of personal fitness and in sport out of school. Children in yrs 2 – 6 have weekly swimming lessons throughout the academic year.

  • Culture and arts:


    Musical tradition is a particular strength of the school and one which we highly value of this top UK boarding school. The Music curriculum offers a balanced programme of activities with an emphasis upon listening and performance. Children learn about pitch and rhythm and will learn to read music in Year 2 when they are taught to play the recorder. We have a number of visiting peripatetic music teachers and musicians teaching a range of orchestral instruments. Many children learn a musical instrument and work towards graded examinations. The choir and orchestra are well established ensembles that give a number of performances during the year.


    This top UK boarding School encourages artistic expression by using different projects to enable the children to develop their individual, creative abilities. We teach different artistic techniques and styles and help children to appreciate and understand the work of famous artists in different periods of history. A wide range of materials are available for their work, to create both 2D pictures and 3D models, collages and friezes.

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Bootham School: York, North Yorkshire, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Bootham School: York, North Yorkshire, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Bootham School: York, North Yorkshire, UK | Best Boarding Schools



51 Bootham York North Yorkshire , York, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Postcode - YO30 7BU
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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Registered in England and Wales Registered number 8369137