Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness, Clayton, GA

Clayton, GA, United States

Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness, Clayton, GA

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Blue Ridge Mountains techniques combine the wilderness environment with traditional therapies. They offer specialized programs for teens ages 13 – 18, with specific sub-groups based on their individual profile and needs.  Admissions team helps you determine which therapeutic program and group are best for your child. The powerful setting of nature brings hope, change, and healing. After a 8-10 week program at Blue Ridge, each student is equipped with a toolkit for success, including tools like how to: form authentic relationships, feel more empowered, communicate effectively, and recognize their strengths.

Year of foundation: 2002
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Blue Ridge is accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission. All teachers are certified by the Utah State Office of Education.

About the school

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The program was created to help teens and their families through challenges that can occur when various behavioral, psychological, or developmental issues are present. Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness provides the opportunity for struggling teens to reset in nature utilizing clinical assessment, therapeutic skill, and a supportive peer culture.  The school prioritizes the physical and emotional safety and wellbeing of clients, while offering the highest level of customer service and clinical expertise available in a wilderness therapy setting. Wilderness therapy tailored to the unique developmental, physical, and cognitive abilities of adolescent. Adolescents at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness experience highly individualized wilderness therapy combining primitive living with intensive clinical services. The school combines advanced clinical skills, evidence-based therapies, and the unique healing of the wilderness, resulting in transformative, impactful changes in the lives of struggling teens and their families. The techniques combine the healing wilderness environment with evidence-based therapeutic approaches. Students are removed from the distractions of daily life at home and transplanted to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, where they live 24/7 in nature with other students and our supportive field staff. It’s here, in the tranquility of the great outdoors, that teens discover the life-changing metaphors between living in the wilderness and everyday life.

Academic life

What we offer? Blue Ridge has created a unique curriculum in which the wilderness is the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to complete courses during the duration of the Blue Ridge wilderness program and earn 2 full credits. The wilderness provides a hands-on learning environment where students will apply classroom learning in their daily lives.

Blue Ridge provides challenging academic opportunities to students who are receiving therapeutic services while in the wilderness, while also providing the opportunity for further assessment. Academics do not get abandoned just because your child is at a wilderness program.



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Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness, Clayton, GA

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