Black Mountain Academy, Black Mountaiin, NC

Black Mountain, North Carolina, United States

Black Mountain Academy, Black Mountaiin, NC

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Designed for Personal Growth and Skill-Building  for Adolescents Boys in 9th-12th Grade (13-17 

Providing opportunities for young men with learning differences that foster academic, social, emotional, and personal development. The academic staff at Black Mountain Academy has specifically designed curriculum to meet the needs of students with learning differences and pervasive social challenges.  This boarding school for boys provides students with college preparatory education that integrates rigor and creativity while accounting for a variety of learning needs that may be associated with: Autism Spectrum Disorders (Level 1 ASD), Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Pervasive Development Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Executive Functioning.

Black Mountain Academy’s academic program seamlessly integrates experiential education by incorporating off-campus trips, adventure activities, volunteer opportunities, vocational training, and special community events as a means of enriching the in-classroom experience. The classroom at Black Mountain Academy expands beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom setting.

About the school

Long description:

Key Features of the Black Mountain Academic Program Include:

College preparatory coursework and opportunities for credit recovery

Student goal-setting and self-assessment cycles

Skill building through weekly experiences within the community

Inquiry-based learning modules

Mindfulness in the classroom

Practical skills such as personal finance, social skills classes, and resume building

Standards-based grading and rigorous school curriculum

Structured Executive Function skill-building

Purposeful technology integration


This boarding school for boys provides exceptional educational opportunities on campus and beyond, by introducing real-world topics and requiring real-world skills, by partnering with the local arts and music scene within the community for enrichment, by working with adjunct professionals to bolster focused academic units, and by working with local universities for exposure to real world college experiences and internships.

Examples of local Colleges:

University of North Carolina Asheville

Montreat College

Warren Wilson College

University of North Carolina Asheville

Residential Life Goals:

Implementing personal goals with the support of staff

Practicing friendship

Utilizing executive function and life skills in the daily routine

Implementing self-care through good hygiene, organization, and diet

Relaxing and having fun

Creating space to recuperate from the school day

Pursuing personal interests

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community Colleg

Dorm Facilities:

Black Mountain Academy is the ideal setting for young men to learn, grow, and excel in a quiet, home-like environment. This specialized boarding school for boys becomes a safe place for them to practice and reinforce the skills they need to return home, engage in jobs, and pursue higher education.


The Black Mountain Academy staff is equipped to support residential life in a way that enriches the student’s educational and therapeutic goals. Clinical and academic teams work collaboratively to plan in the moment experiences aimed at reinforcing social communication skills, self-awareness, healthy lifestyle choices, and self-reliance. The caring team seamlessly integrates clinical and individualized goals for every student into daily living and weekend experiences.


Academic life

What we offer?

Service learning is an educational experience based on a collaborative partnership between Black Mountain Academy and the community. Learning through service has proven to enable students to apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to meet genuine community needs. Through reflection and assessment, students gain a deeper understanding of course content and the importance of civic engagement. Staff will co-create projects that our students are passionate about. Add: Service work also prepares students for internships and jobs by developing the skills of work stamina, attention to detail, completion and cleanup, planning and preparation, and persistence. Some examples of service learning sites accessible to Black Mountain Academy students include:

Humane animal shelters

Local food banks

Community gardening programs

Local soup kitchens and homeless shelters

Programs to redistribute fresh produce

Local athletic events

Parks and Recreation

Assisted Living Communities

Community Centers

Affordable housing programs

Local farmers markets

River and roadway cleaning projects

Local charitable organizations

Internships / Jobs

Social Development

Residential Life

Adventure / Recreation


Student/teacher ratio: 4;1

Social life & attractions


 A Variety of Activities and Experiences

Evenings and weekends at Black Mountain Academy include a variety of off-campus activities, cultural experiences, internships, and volunteer opportunities that blend fun, personal development, and expanding one’s restricted interests. Every student has a personalized plan based on their needs that include participation in local events such as music programs, festivals, athletic races, and food drives. Participation in these activities foster a collaborative relationship with the community and provide opportunities to generalize the social and life skills learned at our boarding school for boys.

Sport and culture

Sport Facilities:

Adventure activities are also an important part of life at Black Mountain Academy. The self-efficacy and confidence-building adventure therapy components are activities that teach students a variety of skills and values. Adventure therapy and recreation blend best practices by teaching skills such as preparation, patience, and diligence while strengthening independence, self-awareness, confidence, goal attainment, and interpersonal relationships. This  special boarding school incorporates adventure and recreational activities as a means of fun, expanding our students’ interests, and to fulfil school’s goals for social competency, experiential learning, and purposeful engagement in society. We intend to support our local economy while building close relationships with businesses that can serve our students interests and potentially partner as vibrant internship sites.

Black Mountain Academy adventure activities include: Walking, Hiking, Swimming, Soccer, Yoga, Basketball, Frisbee, Ziplines, Climbing and bouldering, Disc Golf, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Kayaking / Canoeing, Camping, Fishing.



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Black Mountain Academy, Black Mountaiin, NC

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