Bedales School: Petersfield, Hampshire, UK

Petersfield, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Bedales School: Petersfield, Hampshire, UK

Price Range ₤ 30,000 - 40,000 per annum


Looking for a boarding school UK? We present here Bedales School in Pettersfield, Hampshire, England. Co-educational boarding school for boys and girls. An English boarding school in UK! Public examination results, set out below, are placed within the broader context of Bedalians' overall achievements.  Age 3 to 18; 70% of seniors board. Pupils are disciplined but not rule bound (no uniform!); relaxed but respectful (everyone uses first names). Creative arts and outdoor work are strong. This top boarding school develops independent thinkers, especially through own courses that replace duller GCSEs. Students are at ease in themselves.

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 189 128 317
Day School: 71 75 146
Year of foundation: 1893
Some history: Bedales was founded by John Haden Badley in 1893 to be a humane alternative to the authoritarian regimes typical of late-Victorian public schools. The founder believed that involving "head, hand and heart" was the key to growth and development. Badley's philosophy is still the corner stone around which our innovative education system is built. 

The school became fully co-educational in 1898; students were given a formal voice by 1916, when the School Council was formed. Located in 120 acres of farmland, woods, orchards and playing fields, students still follow John Badley’s ideal of educating ‘head, hand and heart’.

The Memorial Library and adjoining Lupton Hall (the original assembly hall) are Grade-1 listed arts and crafts buildings. The Bedales Theatre (1998) and Orchard Building (2005) have both won awards for the quality and originality of their architecture.

Thw school opened a new and award-winning Art & Design building in 2016 to create an artistic heart of the school adjacent to Outdoor Work where creativity, ingenuity and intelligence can flower. A focus on the development of intelligence, initiative and individuality remains strong to this day, with students studying a broad curriculum across the schools. 

Campus size and facilities:

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Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: £11,799 per term

About the school

Long description: Learning Difficulties Support at Prep School.

The Academic Support Department aims to ensure that every Dunhurst pupil will achieve well in their early years at school and lead happy and fulfilled lives with greater independence. We pledge to pick up individual needs at the earliest point possible and to put support in place quickly to remove barriers to learning, all with pupils, teachers and parents fully involved.
Children with SEN flourish in smaller class sizes and with 1:1 attention – both of which we are able to offer at Dunhurst.  Every AS pupil achieves the highest standards possible through tailoring learning to individual need, interest and aptitude. Teaching and learning strategies are matched closely to the individual’s needs and are designed to build confidence and self-esteem.  
We provide support for pupils who, whilst able to access the school curriculum, may need extra help due to a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, or a lack of confidence in a particular aspect of their work.
Support can be given in a variety of ways including, on a one to one basis timetabled in a Green, in a small group and within the classroom. The Department is staffed by experienced, specialist teachers who all hold additional qualifications to cater for pupils with a range of needs. We work closely with class teachers to ensure skills practised in AS are transferred to class.  Progress is monitored using ILPs (Individual Learning Plans). Targets are set and reviewed with the subject teachers and AS teachers three times a year, then shared with pupils, teachers, tutors and parents.

Learning Difficulties Support at Senior School

Students with special educational needs (SEN) and specific learning difficulties are given help by a member of a team of qualified specialist teachers who hold additional (post graduate) qualifications for teaching students with Specific Learning Difficulties.  The Learning Support team may also aid students without specific learning problems but who require support with improving their organisation and study skills. 
Students with specific learning difficulties receive one-to-one support on a weekly basis with a specialist  teacher. Usually these lessons take place during a private study period; students are never withdrawn from academic lessons.  Typically students will receive one learning support lesson per week, but this depends on their individual need, and most of them will go on to achieve high grades at GCSE and A level. All but a few enter higher education where they read a wide range of subjects.
There is an additional charge for individual Learning Support lessons.



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Bedales School: Petersfield, Hampshire, UK - Your boarding school in Petersfield, Hampshire


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Bedales School: Petersfield, Hampshire, UK

Bedales School: Petersfield, Hampshire, UK - Your boarding school in Petersfield, Hampshire


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