Ashford School: Ashford, Kent, UK

Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom

Ashford School: Ashford, Kent, UK

Price Range ₤ 30,000 - 40,000 per annum


One of the best British boarding schools in the UK! Ashford School in Ashford, Kent is one of co educational boarding schools for boys and girls and is located near London. Whichever of  schools you will choose, whether Ashford School, Ashford Friars Prep School or Bridge Nursery they have high plans for your child. Because of  unexpected approach to a process of learning the goal is to make sure that your child has an ambition, self-confidence, passion, as well as an ability to adjust socially and a crucial moral basis, all of the above mentioned characteristics will give your child a place at this best independent boarding school and help them to get to a dreamed university or college. Teaching staff is composed of experts,  boarding conditions are stunning and Ashford can offer broad programme of music and drama, huge range of visits and expeditions, and extensive co-curricular activities that help to develop key personal characteristics in each and every student, strong team sports for boys and girls,value for money with an "all-in" fee structure.

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 397 397 794
Day School: 87 87 174

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Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: 36 999

Academic life

What we offer?

This Kent boarding school follows a programme that ensures great deal of experience in the first few years of secondary education and leads students smoothly towards the A Level years. It promotes and value moral, mental, cultural, spiritual and physical development of each child and because this private boarding school  specialise in subjects at A level, which is valued by most of the universities,  students are accepted for the best colleges and universities worldwide. At this top coed boarding schools in uk  in recent years, nearly 90% of Year 13 obtained places at their first choice university, 70% of which were Russell Group and 10% Oxbridge, UCL or Warwick i.e. World top ten universities. Lessons are carried out and planned from Monday to Friday only. Any other extra activities take place during the day or in the evenings, as well as at weekends. Some sport happenings and trainings take place during the weekends and students who are members of school teams are expected to be present. Co-curriculum is an essential characteristic of Ashford School and makes it more visible among other best boarding schools UK. Together with the study of specific subjects, all students, throughout their time in the school, must be involved into some co-curricular activities which includes physical activity. This removes the feeling of many teenagers who simply worry or are even scared about what their friends are doing. At this prestigious boarding school everyone has the freedom to pursue their dreams and passions and to face new experiences. Music, competitive team sport, drama; the activities which are changing from term to term and most students must make a difficult choice out of the 80+ options. Learning Support Expert learning support teachers and classroom assistants are available to work with individual students as needed; parents are closely involved in supporting their child.

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Ashford School: Ashford, Kent, UK - Your boarding school in Ashford, Kent


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Ashford School: Ashford, Kent, UK

Ashford School: Ashford, Kent, UK - Your boarding school in Ashford, Kent


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