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One of best American boarding schools outside USA!
American International School in Salzburg is an Austrian private boarding school in Salzburg. The school is small with over 85% of our students full-time boarders. The school’s philosophy and mission—in our opinion—can only be achieved in a small community where everyone is familiar and comfortable, supervision is optimal, and trust and respect reign. Our maximum capacity is 125 students with just under 100 of these boarding in our dormitories. As a true boarding school, our pastoral care programs, calendar, expectations, and academic requirements are tailored to the needs and goals of the students in residence. International: Our student body is extremely diverse and it is not unusual for us to have over 25 nationalities represented within our community. There is no majority of any one nationality. The curriculum and diploma reflect the best of the private, American boarding-school tradition, and, therefore, nearly all of the full-time teachers as well as the resident staff members are US citizens, trained in pedagogy in American universities. Academic Challenge: As an American college-preparatory school, our curriculum and diploma reflect the best of the long tradition found in private schools in the US. All subjects of study will lead to coursework at the AP level by the 12th grade. It is typical that most students will graduate from AIS-Salzburg having taken between 4 and 8 AP courses and 4-6 AP examinations. As these courses reflect a level of work which is representative of firstyear university courses, the challenge is very real. Such a challenging academic program, we feel, can be offered in an environment where structure, assistance, and care are optimal. International Diploma Recognition: Through the AP program of courses and examinations, our graduates are fully qualified to attend universities and colleges around the world. Care and Supervision: AIS-Salzburg is proud of its tradition of excellent supervision and care. Although we are a small school community, our resident staff and faculty are separate and distinct; allowing them to focus on what they do best. Dorm Parents and Resident Assistants dedicate themselves full-time to the needs of our resident students outside of academic hours. The teaching faculty is dedicated solely to providing optimal, college-perparatory instruction in the classrooms. Our staff-to-student ration is below 6:1. Salzburg, Austria: This culturally and historically rich city of 150,000 provides the perfect setting for an international education. It is safe, at the geographic center of Western Europe, and welcomes visitors from around the world throughout the year. Whether you are a fan of Mozart, fascinated by the majesty of the Alps, or just want to experience life surrounded by interesting people, ideas, history, and culture, Salzburg has to be put at the top of your list. Admissions: Because of the diversity of students who apply to our school, our admissions standards generally provide accommodation and flexibility, provided the applicant (1) is academically talented and dedicated with an excellent foundation of skills as proven by previous school records, (2) can demonstrate the necessary level of English required for the desired grade level, and (3) can demonstrate a strong interest in contributing positively to an international school and community. There is no application deadline other than the point when acceptances have filled the school’s dormitory places (usually in early June).

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American International School: Salzburg, Austria | Best Boarding Schools



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