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Switzerland top boarding school in a beautiful location!

Agile College is  both independent and non-profit boarding school which is located in the Swiss Alps in the village of Chesieres. It started its functioning in 1949 with just 6 students and founded by British man John Corlette, and presently the school includes 366 students from almost 52 countries. Education at Siglon College is based on modern approach and on guiding rules which were started with its foundation. These educational value make sure that students will be prepared for both grown up life and for university education.

This Aiglon Swiss boarding schools was founded in 1949 by John Corlette who used to be a students and later on a teacher at Gordounston. At first the school was only for boys but in 1968 it went co-educational. Despite the fact that main language used at school is English, there are French days organised because of the fact that the School is located in a French speaking part of Switzerland. Students are required to attend at least two overnight hiking expeditions in each term, which gives 6 expeditions per year, ski four times a week during winter time and also participate in such outdoor activities as: being, rock climbing and canoeing. The Good Schools Guide International referred to the School as the one of strong educational, strong emotionally and tough physically.


  • 7 days boarding: 62000 GBP
  • Needs based aid: Offered
  • Percentage of students receiving some aid: 5%
  • Merit scholarschips: Offered

School size and facilties

The Aiglon College has a campus which is 60,000 squares metres big with 23 buildings, including 8 boarding houses. In the year 2013, the school opened a new dormitory for girls. Two years ago we have presented a new indoor sports hall. In 2006 we opened new dormitory fro boys and we are planning to expand our library and to design our very new Performing Arts Centre.



Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 160 166 326
Day School: 20 20 40

Director Details

  • Name of Director: Valerie Scullion
  • Tel: +41 24 496 6126
  • Fax: +41 24 496 6162
  • Website: http://www.aiglon.ch
  • Rolling or fixed admission ? Rolling
  • Application fee: 1200 GBP
  • International application fee: 1200 GBP

Year Of Foundation


Some History

This Swiss boarding school was founded in 1949 by John Corlette who was a former pupil and teacher at Gordounston. Originally a boy's-only school run along Gordounston lines, the school went co-educational in 1968. Though the language of instruction is English, French is taught and encouraged with "French days", because the school is in a French-speaking part of Switzerland. For "outward bound" type activities, students are required to go on at least two overnight hiking expeditions each term, totalling six expeditions in a year, ski four times a week during the winter term and take part in outdoor activities including mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing and Via Ferrata (‘iron road’). The Good Schools Guide International called the school ‘strong educationally, strong emotionally and tough physically.’

About the school

  • Long description:

    Aiglon College is a boarding school in Switzerland and it is famous for its great international reputation and fro great level of education which meets the highest international requirements. Aiglon is located in the Swiss Alps in the French speaking part of Switzerland - in the village of Chesieres-Villars. Aiglon has a campus which is designed and kept in a traditional chalet-style with some modern aspects, there are well-equipped laboratories and a campus-wide computer network.

    A sense of community

    At Aiglon all of the young people from 9 to 18 are brought together. We are proud that our students community includes students from over 50 nationalities, languages and cultures. It is a really vital experience to live in such a diverse community because they can learn more about understanding and we can promote a sense of multi-cultural society.

    Home atmosphere

    The atmosphere at Aiglon is cosy, friendly and very much home alike. We put a lot of emphasis on discipline, discussion, interpersonal relations and pastoral care.

    The whole curriculum and international baccalaureate

    At Aiglon students are faced with an international approach which combines the English National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which makes the study program laugh and demanding. Classes are conducted in English language and each school day is started with meditation to have a moment for reflection. Our students can count on a strong pastoral care and for our well-qualified staff: pupil ratio 1:6 and the average of 8 students in each class gives us a possibility to treat each student individually. Students study for IGCSEs and the IB Diploma, as well as IELTS and U.S. American College Board Exams. We are trying to sou our best and to support our students in being accepted for the best international universities and colleges worldwide. Graduates from the Aiglon Colleges are enrolled in the best schools at the moment.

    Extra curricular activities

    Music, drama and art are a very important aspects at our school and we can present an informal performances shown during Parents Weekend. Sports and games are conducted in a new Sport Centre, where students can also find s fitness room and swimming pool and ski slopes.

    We are great supporters of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, kayaking or camping. Cultural excursions are organised each year to major European cities and there is a commitment to the Duke of Edinburgs Award Scheme. The whole school is dedicated to community service either in the school or locally and even worldwide.

    Junior School

    For children at the age of 9 and 11 whose mother tongue is English or French lessons are carried out in one of the two languages. French, Geography and History are conducted in French and the other subjects are in English. We put a lot of emphasis on a second language because we know that this is the time for our Students when they are most receptive. The Junior School also offers English as a Second Language for all if the students who are non English speaking and aged 10-12. From age 11, the Junior School curriculum includes English, Maths, French, Scuence, Art, Music, Drama, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Physical Education and Computing.

    Strong pastoral guidance allows our students to live together and to care for each other, as well as to learn from each other, and being an explorer of new values of life. The Junior School Curriculum is planned in such a way as to facilitate students going to the Senior School programme.

    The Junior School expeditions are becoming more and more challenging and are offered to the 9 to 11 years old five times a term. The tasks are becoming more and more difficult and we want to be sure that our students are well prepared for the challenges of the Senior School.

    La Casa and La Baita, are the to Junior School house, and these two provide warm and cosy atmosphere. Houseparents are taking care of the students and both ensure that everyone feels like home.

  • Dorm facilities:

    Each student is signed to a house, and this is a place where there live, relax and sleep. Here they are surrounded by friends and can spend some time in a peaceful atmosphere. By being a part of a particular house, students can find out what a positive competition really is.

    Houseparents are responsible for the students who belong to their house and they take care of their needs and are supported by a Deputy Houseparent and a team of Tutors. There are 8 houses at Aiglon. In the Junior School, boys house is called La Baita and the girls is La Casa. In the Senior School, there are 3 different houses for girls, Claremont, Exeter and le Cerf, as well as 3 houses for boys: Alpina, Belvedere and Delaware. The houses are located near each other and just a few minutes from the classrooms.

  • Dress code: Formal

Social life & attractions

On Wednesday and Saturday, in the afternoons, students can visit the village for leisure. Each of the houses arranges trips to larger cities to find out more about its history or to simply go shopping and have fun. In the senior school there is many trips to European capital cities organised throughout the year.

Famous People Who Attended This School

Why Should You Choose this School?

Life at Aiglon College is busy and may be quiet a challenge even for the most dedicated and hard working students. The study programme is based on academic curriculum in order to make each student the best, we provide pastoral care and many attractions which are carried out outside the classrooms. At Aiglon we think internationally and we are based on a long tradition British educational model. Switzerland is really welcoming for international students, and Aiglon College gives them an opportunity to study in this great country. At Aiglon we combine English language based curriculum with multi national approach to education in order to give the world tomorrows best leaders.

Academic life

  • What we offer ?
    We provide proper and broad education for our junior school students from 9 to 13 and we want to prepare them for specialised educational programme as the grow up. A transition year, a third form, leads our students to learn for GCSE and IGCSE exams. In the final two years of education, Sixth Form students study the IB Diploma Programme and choose 6 subjets, three at the Higher Level and three at Standard Level. Again the process is supervised and the final results is a special planned programme for each student.

    We can also offer 8 foreign languages: French, Germany, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

  • Number of teachers and their qualifications :
    60 full-time teachers, 20 part-time (music, language)
  • Student/teacher ratio:
  • Average class size:
  • Number of AP courses offered:
  • Course languages offered:

Sport and culture

  • Sport Facilities:

    Sport facilities at Aiglon we have our own sports centre (2500 square meters) with two NBA size basketball halls  and these can be divided into 6 badminton courts - fitness centre - expeditions centre. As Villars is a Club Med resort, we are accredited an access to tennis courts, two golf courses, a swimming pool and track and field facilities. Because of our location we can provide an access to a ski resort with more than 100 places.

  • Sports what we offer:

    Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Water Sports, Grass Hockey, Rugby, Swimming, Skating, Skiing and Athletics

  • Culture and arts:

    Many students of Aiglon participate in music making of various types. Whether learning an instrument, studying music or just performing it for fun in bands or choruses, all of our students are encouraged to develop and master their technical skills, theoretical knowledge and discovering a live for music. Curriculum lessons are carried out in the Oudang Room, which is especially prepared to teach and rehearse music. The room is so big than even 60 people can rehearse in the same time.

    We have also a Keyboard Lab where our students have an access to 16 iMac computers. This allows our students to develop their skills to compose music by using a specified programs and softwares. Our students who study music for GCSE and IB are encourage to master their technological skills by having an access to amours Music Departments digital recording studio.

    The Music Department staff is made of 14 full and part-time teachers. They conduct curricular and instrumental lessons in various styles and instruments and in one week at Aiglon College around 250 individual music lessons are taught across all year groups. Students can study:           

                           Traditional orchestral instruments

                           Jazz and rock instruments

                           Drum kit and percussion



                           Music Technology

    A comprehensive programme of weekly ensemble activities complements individual study. These include:

                           Girls Choir

                           School Choir

                           Junior School Choir

                           Junior School Wind Band

                           Prep Form Choir

                           Numerous tutored rock bands

                           Percussion ensemble

                           String Group

                           Theory classes

                           Wind and brass chamber groups

    Additionally our students are encouraged to face the music by visiting with Switzerland and UK concerts to listen and to discover various types of music. Recently these visits included local classical concerts, rock concerts in Geneva and a trip to London. In the past two years the Music Department have organised tours to Prague and in 2013 to Malta.

    Our art class are carried out in the mann Art studio which gives an opportunity for both two and three dimensional work. This is important for us to enable our students to both learn from each other and from their teachers. Communication and discussion are the two vital aspects at our school and a principal role of teachers is to give our students safe and conductive environment.


    Opportunities to study and research in galleries and other locations, both within Switzerland and abroad, form an important part of our students curriculum. A changing character of the department is the wide variety and choice of approaches to both problem solving and results. The department enjoys significant exam success and each year a number of Aiglon students continue their studies at some of the most famous Art, Architecture and Design colleges worldwide.

    Drama students are encouraged to produce plays and devised work and also visit the theatre to see wonderful performances of the most famous actors. Recently, GCSE, AS and A2 students enjoyed a five-day trip to London to see some of the best productions in some of the worlds most exciting theatres. We also invite to Aiglon professional theatre practitioners who offer workshops and guidance. This year alone we have worked with Marcello Magni of Theatre de Complicite and Neil Bettles from Frantic Assembly, two of the worlds most innovative theatre companies. Our main rehearsal/ performance space is Exeter Hall and we also have a drama studio and access to the Schools dance studio. 

    The Drama Department produces excellent productions such as Amadeus, Cabaret, Woyzeck, Animal Farm, and trains its students skills in physical and vocal performance to a very professional level. The Department has strong links with both the Music and Dance Departments and Drama students are encouraged and expected to participate in and learn about all performance arts. The Aiglon Drama Department is committed to producing students who are well trained in using their voice and physicality to communicate successfully. It is also a great concern that students learn to write clearly, intellectually and analytically; a life skill that will help all students in whatever they do in the future.

  • Religions:
    Anglican , Christian , Church of England

Interests & Activities

  • Support programs
    ADD/ADHD Support, College Counseling, ESL: Advanced, ESL: Beginning, Learning Differences Support, Subject Tutoring
  • Languages & Humanities Courses
    • English Courses
      Classics, Creative Writing, Honours, Literature, Playwriting, Poetry
    • Philosophy and Religion Courses
      Ethics, Faith, Moral philosophy, Mythology, Philosophy, Religious, Social justice, The Bible, Theology, World religions
    • Foreign Languages Courses
      Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
    • History Courses
      Asian history, Classical history, European history, Great Britain history, Medieval history, United States history, World history
    • Social Sciences
      Anthropology, Sociology
  • Advanced programs
    International Baccalaureate, Postgraduate Year
  • Science & IT Studies
    • Science
      Anatomy, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Ecology, Environmental science, Geology, Health, Physics
    • Maths
      Algebra, Calculus, Functions, Geometry, Honors Math, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry
    • IT studies
      Applications, Computer science, Multimedia, Programming, Web design
  • Visual art & music & drama
    • Performing arts
      Acting, Ballet, Dance, Debate
    • Visual arts
      Art, Art history, Ceramics, Drawing, Fashion design, Graphic design, Metal, Painting, Photography, Portfolio, Sculpture, Studio Art, Woodworking
    • Writing
    • Music
      Band, Choral music, Composition, Electronic music, History of music, Individual instructions, Music appreciation, Music history, Orchestra, Recording, Solfege, Songwriting, Voice
  • Sports
    • Winter Sports
      Alpine ski racing, Alpine skiing, Figure skating, Free style skiing, Ice climbing, Ice skating, Nordic ski racing, Nordic skiing, Snowboarding
    • Ball games
      Basketball, Field hockey, Football, Golf, Handball, Softball, Volleyball
    • Indoor sports
      Aerobics, Bowling, Dancing, Gymnastics, Weight lifting
    • Racquet sports
      Badminton, Paddle tennis, Racquest ball, Squash, Table tennis, Tennis
    • Other sports
      Camping, Cross-country running, Drill team, Equestrian, Hiking, Horseback riding, Mountain biking, Outdoor education & survival, Skateboarding, Track and field
    • Water sports
      Crew, Diving, Kayaking, Rafting, Sailing, Swimming
  • Clubs and free time interests
    Astronomy Club, Chess club, Computer club, Horseback riding, International Clubs, Math Club, Photography, Snowboarding, Student radio station, Theater, Yoga
  • Special needs catered for
    ADD/ADHD (specialist), Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyslexia (specialist), Dyspraxia, Dyspraxia (specialist), Hyperactivity/ADD/ADHD, Learning difficulties, Wheelchair Access

Summer Programs

We are delighted to announce that bookings are open for the Aiglon Summer School 2018! 

There are some new and exciting initiatives for the Summer School, including a greater range of morning courses (languages, science, performing arts, leadership, technology), a 1 week intensive SAT preparation course and taster days for 7-10 year olds.
All students will experience an Aiglon expedition with a 2 day camping or mountain hut adventure.

The Summer School runs from the 2nd July – 29thJuly 2018, and we welcome students for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. 
The Classic Programme is for students aged 8-13:
New for 2018 - Morning courses:
- Intensive English (Beginner to Advanced Level Course)
- Intensive French (Beginner to Advanced Level Course)
- Maths & Science Investigator Course
- Performing Arts Course

Dates and Fees:

- Classic 1 (Two Week) 2 - 15 July: CHF 5,900
- Classic 2 (Two Week) 16 -29 July: CHF 5,900
- Classic 3 (Three Week) 2 - 22 July: CHF 8,700
- Classic 4 (Four Week) 2 - 29 July: CHF 11,400
The Eagle Programme
is for students aged 14-17:
New for 2018 - Morning Courses:
- Intensive English (Beginner to Advanced Course Level)
- Intensive French - Beginner to Advanced Level
- Eagle Technology Course
- Eagle Leadership Course

Dates & Fees:

- Eagle 1 (Two Week) 2 - 15 July: 6,100 CHF
- Eagle 2 (Two Week) 16 - 29 July: 6,100 CHF
- Eagle 3 (Three Week) 2 - 22 July: 9,000 CHF
- Eagle 4 (Four Week) 2 - 29 July: 11,800 CHF
New for Summer 2018: Eagle SAT Preparation (Ages 15 -17)
Aiglon now offers a special SAT and ACT preparation course in conjunction with "The Eagle" programme.
Join Aiglon's Summer School, and spend one week (16-22 July) immersed in the specialised SAT & ACT preparation course.
Students may attend for only this course, or stay for longer as part of the Eagle Summer School programme.

New "Eagle SAT" Dates & Fees:
- Eagle SAT 1 (One Week) 16 - 22 July: 3,800 CHF
- Eagle SAT 2 (Two Week) 16 - 29 July: 6,850 CHF
- Eagle SAT 3 (Three Week) 2 - 22 July: 9,800 CHF
- Eagle SAT 4 (Four Week) 2 - 29 July: 12,650 CHF  

School Gallery

Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Aiglon College: Chesieres, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools



Independent, non-profit school in the Swiss Alps. , 61 Avenue Centrale, Chesieres, Switzerland, Postcode - 1885

Phone - +44 20 30 269 440
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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Registered in England and Wales Registered number 8369137