Abberley Hall: Worcester, Worcestershire, UK

Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Abberley Hall: Worcester, Worcestershire, UK

Price Range ₤ 0-20,000 per annum


Are you looking for boarding schools in England? Abberley Hall in Worcester, Worcestershire is one of the few uniquely full-boarding preparatory schools left in the country, catering for boys and girls. It is our aim to provide the academic, sporting and social grounding which is the foundation for success, and each year children of wide-ranging abilities make the successful transition to prestigious independent schools.

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 34 57 91
Day School: 63 74 137
Year of foundation: 1878
Some history:

The school began in 1878 as Dame School in Kent, run by Misses Mitchell at 23 Belmont Road Blackheath. Even at this early stage, scholarships were won to prestigious schools such as King’s School Canterbury. A number of former pupils went on to win awards at Oxford and Cambridge and distinguish themselves in the services especially the Navy. The school was moved to Abberley in 1916, largely owing to the dangers of Zeppelin raids on London. Forty boys arrived at Abberley Hall, which was purchased with all furniture and fittings, for £10,000. In 1921, Gilbert Ashton – a former pupil of Lindisfarne – joined the school taking over as headmaster and subsequently purchasing the property. He recruited Leonard Greenwood and Michael Carr and this triumvirate presided over an increasingly large and successful school, itself re-named Abberley Hall. An early scholarship to Winchester enhanced the school’s reputation and soon there were over 70 boarders.

Campus size and facilities: 90 acres grounds, new science complex, 25 metre indoor swimming pool, sports hall with cricket nets, rifle range, Art & DT Centre, large Music Suite, Astroturf, Riding stables, Modern Language Laboratory, Fully stocked fishing pond, Climbing Wall, French alpine chalet, Outdoor Courts for a variety of games, Spacious, well equipped common rooms, Warm and inviting dormitories

Wonderful kitchen and dining facilities

Accreditations: IAPS, BSA

Address: Abberley Hall, Worcestershire, WR6 6DD

Contact school: contact-us


Rolling or fixed admission date? Rolling

Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: 7,830 per term

Needs based aid: Offered

Percentage of students receiving some aid: Not disclosed

Merit scholarschips:Not Offered

About the school

Long description:

Abberley Hall is one of the few uniquely full-boarding preparatory schools left in the country, catering for boys and girls aged 8 to 13 years. It is our aim to provide the academic, sporting and social grounding which is the foundation for success, and each year children of wide-ranging abilities make the successful transition to prestigious independent schools. Only a boarding school can afford children a full programme of sports and activities seven days a week, and at Abberley this is provided in the safety and beauty of the School’s substantial grounds. The School is extremely proud of its traditional boarding environment. At this top UK boarding school, boys and girls are cared for by the Headmaster and his wife, a number of young, married boarding staff, and a wonderful team of matrons, who are supported by a qualified nurse. The academic day is arranged so that there is no evening homework, and all pupils are encouraged to take part in the Activities Hour each weekday, and to choose from a wide range of termly hobbies. Not only does the School offer extensive opportunities for physical and social development, but children engage in fun as well as learning in the security of the 90 acre rural estate, which also boats 10 acres of dedicated sports’ and playing fields. The children go the the chalet twice in their Abberley career, once in Year 5 and again in Year 7.

Dorm Facilities: The dormitories vary in size from 2 to 14 beds.
The accommodation at Abberley Hall is ideal for children aged 8 to 12 as the dormitories enable them to get to know each other quickly and form strong friendships.  The girls and boys are accommodated in different areas of the main Manor House, with younger children in dormitories of up to 8 and the older ones in dormitories of 3-5. All the dormitories are bright and spacious, providing a friendly environment for the children to feel settled and comfortable while away from home. 

Dress code: Casual

Academic life

What we offer?

Our main purpose has always been to prepare pupils thoroughly for their Public Schools, but not to overcoach or have Common Entrance, Winchester Entrance or Scholarships as an end in themselves. Prep School is just part of a child’s education and the most important thing is that the foundations are laid for individuals to maximise their potential at 18 or later. As well as preparing for exams, we therefore aim to offer as broad an education as possible. This means we constantly review our curriculum and the way we deliver it. Successive headmasters at Abberley have been open to new ideas and ready to encourage changes that will bring extra educational benefit to the children who have been entrusted to their care. Examples of this were the early introduction of Design Technology by the school and the desire to ensure that all pupils have opportunities in music, art and related subjects. In recent years it has been recognised that Information Technology and Modern Languages are of paramount importance in the modern workforce, thus we have made significant investments in these areas to ensure a strong foundation is laid at a young age to enable all pupils to meet later demands with confidence as well as competence. In 2003 we started a new project – the Chalet in France. All pupils will have two opportunities (at nine and eleven) to spend three weeks during term time totally immersed in the French language and culture. In 1997 we made a radical change in our timetable to help deliver the breadth of education we believe is necessary to prepare children for their senior schools (not just pass exams). Teaching time increased to a maximum of twenty-nine and a half hours per week from the twenty-two hours plus four and a half hours of prep that we had before. The first two years have twenty-seven hours. We have no prep or homework. Work that once would have been deemed as prep or homework is completed in the extra time available in lessons. Benefits from this system include that work is supervised by the staff who set the work; we have no work set for the sake of it – often the case with homework; younger children are not being asked to work when they are tired (i.e. 7pm); day children go home with no worry of work. For boarders the time after tea is devoted to activities although in the final two years this time becomes increasingly used for private study. The extra teaching time created through this more flexible approach has brought several advantages in terms of maintaining breadth; older children are able to continue with non-examined subjects such as Art, Design-Technology Music, PE and IT, but not at the expense of subjects such as Latin and Modern Languages. Latin is taught to a high standard and there is also time for a second modern language. All children have the opportunity to learn Spanish.

Number of teachers and their qualifications: 40plus. BA (Hons)/Bsc/BA/B.Ed/GBSM/FNMSM/ARCM/ ABSM/MA/LAMDA/

Student/teacher ratio: 5:1

Average class size: 12

Number of AP courses offered: NA

Social life & attractions

Description: WEEKENDS at this Top UK boarding school
Weekends at school are full of things to do and invariably include expeditions, trips and visits for which the pupils can opt. There are hobbies from art to den-making and special activities organised by staff. A child claiming to be bored is probably making a statement about his or her own inertia (or habituation to television or computer games) rather than about the available possibilities. Most weekends are designated as ‘All In’ when all boarders stay in. Boarders may go out at Optional Weekends, (two or three in each term), from 4 pm on Saturday or for any part of that weekend - as long as this does not conflict with a school commitment. There is a full programme of activities and expeditions for every weekend, except Exeats.
ACTIVITIES at this Top UK boarding School
There are activities after tea every weekday; children may also follow their interests at other times, as well as the weekends. Some activities are restricted to the younger age group and some to the older. Children choose their own activities, but need guidance when faced with the wide variety of choice. Form Tutors provide this guidance, but parents may wish to discuss options in the holidays.
 EXTRA ACTIVITIES Music. Music is strong and thriving situated in a well-equipped department. Every child comes into contact with this subject in weekly class music lessons where they enjoy singing, composing, performing and listening to many different types of music from a variety of eras. The Chapel Choir sings at services during the ‘All In’ weekends, and also perform outside the school in services and concerts continuing the well-known choral tradition at the school. The ‘Palace Choir’ is the junior, ‘fun’ choir and is a feeder to the Chapel Choir which is coached by our singing specialist. Other singing groups include stage vocals.
Woodwork, Dramatic Arts, Dance, LAMDA, Musical Theatre, Fencing, Judo, Riding, Shooting, Tennis, Windsurfing, Climbing Wall, Abseiling, Kayaking, Skiing, Archery, Tapestry, Pottery & Ceramics, Origami, Model Making, Electronics, Gardening, Den Building & Camp Fires, Snooker, Fishing, Indoor Cricket, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Classic Films Club, University Challenge, Pop Band and many more.

Sport and culture

Sport Facilities:  There are organised afternoon games every day of the week including Saturdays. The major games for the boys are rugby, soccer and cricket and for the girls, hockey, netball, rounders and cricket. In addition to the above the children take part in athletics, swimming and cross-country. At this top UK boarding school.  All weather pitch with running track, sports hall, 10 acres of dedicated sports’ and playing fields, indoor 25 metre swimming pool, indoor and outdoor cricket nets, tennis courts and the opportunity for years 7 and 8 rugby and hockey teams to tour South Africa.
Culture and arts: CULTURE Evening activities include classic films club, university challenge, nature study, percussion group, brass group, strings group, woodwind group jazz combo and two choirs. There are five different drama productions each year, the major production is usually a musical such as Cats, Schools Will Rock You, Thoroughly Modern Millie. Concerts are staged each term, Chapel Choir perform in churches and cathedrals across the country. Regular visits are made to Symphony Hall, Birmingham.

Summer Programs

Abberley Hall is set in stunning grounds and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside England has to offer. The school provides the perfect location for children aged 8 to 12 to spend their summer with other children from all over the world. The Abberley Hall Summer School programme is designed to give children the opportunity to improve their English in a fun, safe and truly international environment. The lessons, activities, and excursions are all focussed on giving students an experience of a lifetime, while growing in confidence and forming new friendships.


The students have three meals a day in the school's historic dining rooms. For breakfast there is a hot English breakfast three mornings each week, as well as a continental breakfast option each day. There are always two hot choices for lunch and dinner, including a vegetarian option, and a salad bar, fresh bread, fruit and desserts. We provide afternoon snacks, and drinks and biscuits before bed. 

Summer Camps run by Xkeys Ltd Company

XUK Residential Summer Camp Age Groups

1)      XUK Teen Camp 13-17

The programme is built around the freedom and choice that is essential to giving students independence and maintaining a relationship of trust and mutual respect. Teens are given the flexibility to customise their programme and to help tailor make their perfect week at camp.

Teen 13 – 17 benefits:

Are treated like adults

Later bed times

Movie nights

16 - 17 only:

Leader in Training programme (LIT)

Option to be unaccompanied on trips


2)      XUK Inters Camp 10-13

They’ll be challenged and enthralled by activities ranging from the adrenalin-rush of a high-ropes course or quad-bike ride to the challenge of making a hilarious TV advert. All this is underpinned by a focus on safety, security and that unbeatable, friendly, XUK atmosphere.

The Inters get...

A taste of some of the teen activities

Well supervised free time

Specific activities just for their group… from swim parties to an evening spent around the camp fire


3)      XUK Juniors Camp 6-10

The XUK Junior Camp is about having fun and experiencing all sorts of new things in an atmosphere that feels like home. Camp helps Juniors build confidence, gain some independence, and take part in some incredible new activities. Vitally, we never lose sight of their age. Many Juniors are away from home for the first time and need support, encouragement and supervision throughout their time at XUK.

In summary, the Junior group...

Is cosy and friendly

About fun and excitement

Very welcoming to all children

A safe, relaxed environment in which to build confidence

Has specific activities designed for their age-group

As an older teen and someone who's never been to a camp before, going to XUK was quite frightening. However, it’s one of the best decisions I've ever made. A very welcoming, humble, fun, connected camp.


Activities at XUK Activity

One of the things that makes XUK such a great summer camp is the great range of activities included within each week at XUK. They also have some ‘Optional Extra’ activities that can either be booked separately or are included within the Gold Service options.


Included Activities

XUK provides a wide variety of activities to challenge all children at camp. Activities vary each week keeping it fresh for those who are staying for more than one week. Each morning, our campers will have timetabled activities with their activity group. Afternoons give all campers the freedom to pick and choose the activities that take their fancy.


Adventure at XUK Summer Residential camp

Adventure, Air Rifle Shooting, Fire Making, Raft Building & Racing, Quad Biking, Problem Solving, Outdoor Cookery, Shelter Building, Nature Walk, Drone Racing, Pond Dipping, Initiative games, Camp Gadgets, STEM Activities


Water Sports at XUK Summer Residential camp

Swimming, Water Zorbing, Water Polo, Wet 'n' Wild

All swimming activities are supervised by NPLQ lifeguards with additional training on site.


Sports at XUK Summer Residential camp

Football, Hockey, Rounders, Cricket, Volleyball, Rugby, Lacrosse, Basketball, Dodgeball, Football Golf, Handball, Netball, Fitness, Baseball, Athletics, Tennis, American Football


Arts and Crafts at XUK Summer Residential camp

Arts, Musical Theatre, Friendship Bracelets, Show Decorations, Yoga, Mime Workshops, Street Dance, Mod Roc, Acapella, Painting, Circus Skills, Cheerleading, Spray Painting, Collage, Tie Dying, Song Writing, Improvisation, Mindfulness Colouring, Debatin, Zumba, STEM Activities


Whole Camp

Trips to Oxford, Warwick and Stratford-Upon-Avon, BBQ nights, Disco, Colour War, Camp Talent Show, All Things Disney, Army Afternoon, International Day, Beach Party, Summer Fayre, XUK Fest

Australia Day, A Trip To Hogwarts


Evenings at XUK celebrating

Evening Fun, Staff vs. Campers, Boot Camp, Fashion Show, Murder Mysteries, Dragons Den, Stomp

Zombie Run, Capture The Lantern, Cool Runnings, TV Game Shows, Lip Sync Battle


XUK Musical

Scrapheap Challenge, Grand National, Movie Trailers, Around The Camp In 80 Minutes, World Cup



XUK Activity Dates & Prices

Dates 2018

Week 1: Sunday 08 July to Sunday 15 July

Week 2: Sunday 15 July to Sunday 22 July

Week 3: Sunday 22 July to Sunday 29 July

Week 4: Sunday 29 July to Sunday 5 August

Week 5: Sunday 5 August to Sunday 12 August

Week 6: Sunday 12 August to Sunday 19 August


XUK Activity- £650 per week


Karting, Laser,  Race Simulator:£55 (wks 1,3,5 only)

Aqua Park: £55 (wks 2,4,6 only)

Theme Park: £55 (wks 2,4,6 only)

London Trip:      £155 (wks 1,3,5 only)

English lessons:                £150

Welcome pack: £40

Transport (one way)     

St Pancras service:          £70 each way

**Airport service:           £70 each way

Packages 2018

Gold and Platinum Service

Gold Service: £1,560

Two weeks at XUK

*Karting/Laser/Simulator, Theme Park & Aqua Park

**Transport to and from the Airport or St Pancras station


Platinum Service: £2,180

Three weeks at XUK

*Karting/Laser/Simulator, Theme Park & Aqua Park

**Transport to and from the Airport or St Pancras station


Famous People Who Attended This School

The Rt Hon The Lord Howe QC


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Abberley Hall: Worcester, Worcestershire, UK

Abberley Hall: Worcester, Worcestershire, UK - Your boarding school in Worcester, Worcestershire


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