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Looking for boarding schools in Chile? Check the ones located in Santiago de Chile! Santiago is referred to in Chile as the Santiaguinos, and in this capital city, you’ll certainly see why. Santiago is in central Chile, backed by Andes on the east, coastal ranges and a fertile valley. See this interactive map from Expedia. Founded on February 14, 1541 by Pedro de Valdivia at the base of Cerro Santa Lucia along the bank of the muddy Mapocho river, Santiago was nearly destroyed by Mapuche Indians six months later. It was rebuilt over the years, surviving floods, earthquakes, wars and more natural calamities and is now one of the largest cities of South America. Santiago is Chile’s cultural, commercial, industrial and political centre. Growth over the last decades has produced high rises, a large population (6 million), traffic and all too often, smog that obscures the snow-capped Andes. Santiago is a cosmopolitan city, with ample restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping from tiny boutique and craft fair to giant shopping mall. There are cultural attractions such as art galleries, museums, theatres, opera and ballet, lively nightlife, plus parks, tree-lined streets and distinct neighbourhoods. You'll see brand new high rises and large supermarkets next to old, shabby buildings. You'll have to fend off vendors and paddlers on the busses, but ride in peace and comfort on the subway system. There are very good American Boarding Schools in Santiago de Chile. Boarding schools in Santiago de Chile belong to the elite and prestigious schools because of the high level of education which is offered here. Students can enjoy great selection of study courses and extra-curricula activities which are offered at best boarding schools in Santiago de Chile. Please enjoy our selection of boarding schools in Santiago de Chile and find out more about the school which you are interested in!

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Schools in Santiago De Chile

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