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Rutland is a county which is located in the center of England and its motto is: “Much in little.” This is also a county with a great historical background and people are aware of that fact. Residents are really proud of where they come from or where they have started to live in. the county town of Rutland is Oakham and it concentrates the spirit of this region. When it comes to the most attractive places in Rutland, these are definitely the following: the Oakham Castel, the Normanton Hall, the Rutland County Museum and the Rutland Water. As far as the education is concerned, this county has a lot to offer. Boarding schools in Rutland are really outstanding and traditional institutions which gather more candidates than places they can offer. This is not a mystery that England is famous for its educational achievements however, students from boarding schools in Rutland can proudly state that they are studying at one of the most elite and prestigious institutions. Teachers at boarding schools in Rutland, try to show their students that learning can be a pleasure and they try to connect theorety with practice.

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