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Schools in Rosseau, Ontario

Do you want to study at some top boarding schools in Canada? Do you consider only the best boarding schools? Well, you are in the right place because our selection of boarding schools in Rosseau meets all of the above mentioned restrictions and characteristics. The Rosseau is set on a granite bluff overlooking tranquil Lake Rosseau. Only two and a half hours north of Toronto. On the northern banks of Lake Rosseau, this eponymous town has welcomed visitors to its shores since the 19th century. Rosseau is part of the Parry Sound district and, located a three-hour's drive from Toronto, it is slightly farther afield than the madding crowd of Muskoka, making this Ontario community a best-known secret. Whether staying here or visiting from cottage country, Rosseau has no problems attracting tourists who appreciate its small size, community spirit and natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Lake Rosseau supports a marina and a popular public beach. See the lake up close by cruise boat or from above on a float plane. Both methods of transport are available to guests of the town. The scenic waterfront also hosts a market in the summer months, where locals and visitors can browse through fresh produce, baking and juried art and crafts, complete with live entertainment. The annual community Fall Fair is another community favourite, held in late August since 1875. The downtown is small and filled with arts and crafts shops. But the main attraction is the landmark Rosseau General Store. A two-storey, white-frame building supplying groceries, hardware and more, it is a time-machine of sorts that takes customers back to 1874, the year it was erected. Boarding schools in Rosseau are the top ranked educational institutions in the world and gathers crème de la crème of national and international students. Every student and candidate will find something which is interesting at boarding schools in Rosseau. Please, enjoy our selection of boarding schools in Rosseau and contact us if you decide which school is your dreamed one!

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