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Schools in Poulsbo, Washington

Do you want to study at some top boarding schools? Looking for boarding school USA? Please consider IB boarding school in USA. Poulsbo, Washington, with a population of 9,585, is located in the northern part of Kitsap County and is 4.5 square miles in area. Liberty Bay, originally called Dog Fish Bay, and the majestic, snow-peaked Olympic Mountains to the west induced the Scandinavians to settle in Poulsbo because the area was so similar to the fjords of Norway. The early years...Poulsbo was founded by Jorgen Eliason, from Fordefjord, Norway when the primary method of travel was water. Supplies were brought the eighteen-mile trip from Seattle by rowboat and later by steamboat. Over a sixty-year period, the "mosquito fleet", comprised of more than a dozen steamboats, served Poulsbo and other locations along Liberty Bay and Puget Sound carrying passengers and freight to and from Poulsbo and delivering farmers' produce to Pike Place Market in Seattle. Today Poulsbo is a thriving community with many amenities that attract tourists and encourage people to move to this area. With its picturesque downtown core of rosemaled storefronts, shopping areas at Poulsbo Village, along Viking Avenue, and in College Market Place, Poulsbo offers much to citizens and guests alike. These include several beautiful parks throughout the city, a boardwalk along Liberty Bay, the Valborg Oyen Public Library, three marinas, interesting gift shops, delicious bakeries, good schools including the Olympic College satellite campus, and panoramic views of Liberty Bay and the Olympic Mountains. Boarding schools in Poulsbo are one of the best schools in the world and attract numbers of national and international students. Boarding schools in Poulsbo will definitely meet your expectations! Check our selection of boarding schools in Poulsbo and find out more about the schools!

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