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Schools in Portland, Oregon

Do you want to study at some top boarding schools in USA? Want to find a boarding school in Portland, Oregon? Good for you! Welcome to Portland, Oregon, a beautiful city with terrific neighbourhoods. Many of Portland's old neighbourhoods are lined with sidewalks and tall trees and full of old, classic homes with character. Portland's downtown, unlike other cities' downtowns, is a "destination," interesting and safe, and the city blocks are short, making Portland a "friendly walking" city. While some of Portland's neighbourhoods are nicer than others, we are lucky not to have any "slums" per se, compared to other cities. Each year for about a month (mostly in the first week of June), the city celebrates its annual Rose Festival, including two big parades (Starlight Parade Saturday night, Grand Floral Parade following Saturday morning), the crowning of the Rose Festival Queen, festivities at Waterfront Village (at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, carnival ride-type stuff), dragon boat races on the Willamette River, etc. Several big ships, largely from the US Coast Guard and Navy, come into port and tie up at Waterfront Park, where tours are usually available. Boarding schools in Portland belong to one of the most elite and prestigious boarding schools in the USA and are getting higher and higher position in international school rankings. Students from boarding schools in Portland belong to the best in the world and achieve the best educational results. Boarding schools in Portland can offer you only what is the best: the best teaching staff, the best study courses, the best extra-curricular activities and many, many more. Please find out more about these schools and check our selection of best boarding schools in Portland!

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