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Schools in Paris

Are you interested in some best boarding schools in France? Paris is the answer here! This is the city which name speaks for itself! Boarding schools in Paris are one of the best boarding schools in the country, in Europe and in the world! Feel the unique atmosphere of this city and choose one of the selected schools! Here you will find our selection of best private boarding schools in Paris – the magical, romantic and modern city and at the same time, one of the most desirable travel destination in the world. Seine passing through the city divides it into two halves. The right shore is considered to be commercial and governmental, whereas the left one as intellectual and cultural. The landmarks are Champs-Élysées, Montmartre and the Luxembourg Gardens. Another place that can be your start point for educational exploration of Paris is Eiffel Tower, located in the Southern part of the Champ de Mars. On Île de la Cité, the island on Seine you can see the Palais de Justice, Sainte Chapelle and the legendary Notre Dame Cathedral. The Palais de Justice is the oldest royal seat in France. The building has been named during the French Revolution, when it has been the seat for the tribunal. The Notre Dame Cathedral is the jewel of Cite. The building is characterised by two towers with flat peaks, a massive rosette above the main entrance and triple portal ornamented with ogives. The construction of the temple that lasted for almost 170 years was initiated in 1163. Another spot in Paris is the artistic district Montmartre. Climbing up the narrow streets we get to the basilica Sacré Coeur. Champs-Élysées is the representative avenue of the French capital. A massive, 6-lane ARTERIA connects Place de la Concorde with Charles de Gaulle Square. There you can find the Arc de Triomphe that was built to commemorate the victories of Napoleon. Other historical places in Paris are the Les Invalides and the Pere Lachaise Cemetery where Frederic Chopin was buried. One of the richest world’s museums is located in Paris – Louvre. Its collections are divided into seven categories and each of them represents the works from different regions of the globe. The Palace of Versailles is located on the West of Paris and is surrounded by the gardens of Versailles with plenty beautifully shaped trees and monuments. As we have already mentioned, boarding schools in Paris are simply the best and all of these reflect the unique atmosphere of this outstanding city!

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