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Schools in Ommen

Have you planned your future education? and maybe do you still have some doubts on which school you should choose? We advise you to conseder boarding schools in Netherlands, especially those boarding schools in Ommen because these educational institutions are one of top ranked schools in the world! The municipality of Ommen is a famous tourist attraction. The forests and the landscape Sallandse a resting place for many tourists. Since 1913 was on the edge of the Boy Scouts by Ommen (scouting) on Ada's farm camp. Baron Pallandt in the 1923 Ada's farm, with the surrounding woodlands along the Vecht, donated to the Boy Scouts. This site and a site at the steep bank in Distributed still in use in Scouting Netherlands. After the Second World War, tourism has grown. Ommen in town are now many different sites and holiday parks. In summer tourists can enjoy various activities with the Summer of Bissingh, an event organized every year in July and August, with (food) markets, fairs and various activities. The Bissingh is a traditional fair, which since 1557 on the second Tuesday in July is held and often lasted two or three days. On Bissingh were many people from the hamlets and the surrounding area to Ommen for larger purchases, often coinciding with the fair and visit a cafe. Ommen is a small town in the region Salland, the upper part of Overijssel. With less than 20,000 inhabitants is Ommen one of the smallest cities in the Netherlands. And despite that it is one of the smallest cities, there is plenty great boarding schools in Ommen which are worth to be taken into consideration because you may be assured that studying at one of those schools will make you to see your future in bright colors! We are presenting here a boarding school in Netherlands.

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