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Northamptonshire is a county in England located in the East Midlands of this country. The county town is Northampton with its huge variety of mixed cultures and different tourist attractions. The greatest thing about this county is its location and great transport possibilities which enable an easy journey to almost every place in England. Apart from the above mentioned advantages, there are also others, namely landmarks which are considered to be a national heritage. There are a few of them which need to be mentioned here: the Rushton Triangular Lodge, the Kirby Hall, the Rockingham Castle or the Boughton House. When it comes to education, boarding schools in Northamptonshire are those which are considered as another landmark of this county. These institutions can offer a lot to national and international candidates and students because of the many international certificates (e.g. International Baccalaureate). Boarding schools in Northamptonshire have a huge respect for traditional human values such as: respect, honor and truthfulness because these are the values which make as better humans. It is really worth considering to study at one of boarding schools in Northamptonshire because the possibilities which are offered at these schools are unimaginable.

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