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Schools in Natick, Massachusetts

Are you looking for some great US boarding schools? Do you want to study at top boarding schools in Natick, Massachusetts? Here we present a selection of schools in Natick. John Eliot was the first person to settle in Natick in the year 1651 with a group of "Praying Indians". He was a Puritan missionary who got huge grants from England’s Long Parliament. He tried to retain the culture of the Native Americans amongst the people. The Natick Indians were sent off to the Deer Islands during the time of King Philip. The Indian citizens of Natick and the English citizens fought the battles of Bunker Hill and Lexington in 1775. The town was officially recognized in 1781. There are many historical events associated with Natick. One can visit the Natick Historical Society Building to learn about the history of Natick. Some other attractive places are Sherwood Plaza, the Building Morse Institute Library, and the Medical Library Aladdins Castle. Some of the parks that offer entertainment and amusement facilities in the city are Memorial Field, Broadmoore and Audubon Reservation. One can also pay a visit to the attractive shopping centers like the Natick Mall Shopping Center, Cloverleaf Marketplace Shopping Center or the Sherwood Plaza Shopping Center. Boarding schools in Natick are one of the best boarding schools in the USA and in the world. Boarding schools in Natick can offer you the highest level of education and the best residential conditions! Check our selection of best boarding schools in Natick!

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