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Middlesex was one of the UK historic counties which was located in the southeast England and now it is mostly part of the Greater London. The county used to include north of the River Thames and some part of the City of London. The name of this county is taken from its original residents – the Anglo-Saxons. When it comes to the most interesting places to see, we should mention the following examples: the State Theatre, the Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower, the Cheesequake State Park. As far as education is concerned, it is at really high national and international level. Boarding schools in Middlesex attract number of candidates each and every year and there is always more candidates than places which can be offered. Boarding schools in Middlesex combine pleasure with learning and theory with practice, as well as try to introduce modern methods of teaching. Such an approach is a really great way to reevaluate traditional schools to meet the expectations of the 21st century. Are you interested in these schools? check our offer of boarding schools in Middlesex and enjoy boarding school education!

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