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Schools in Middleburg, Virginia

Looking for best boarding schools in the US? Maybe you will decide for one of boarding schools in Virginia? Those boarding schools in Middleburg are really worth to be taken into consideration! Established in 1787, Middleburg, VA is set in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just 35 minutes from Dulles International Airport and approximately 40 miles from Washington D.C. Absolutely great location 40 miles from the Nation’s Capital, Middleburg has an enviable position of being easily accessible to so many visitors while being able to protect its authenticity, history and culture. From the early 1900s, Middleburg began welcoming visitors who participated in foxhunting and steeple chasing. The village soon earned a reputation as the "Nation's Horse and Hunt Capital", attracting prominent visitors from across the U.S. Middleburg is the home of the National Sporting Library research center for horse and field sports and its recently opened art gallery and museum. You will be surprised with the choice of boarding schools in Middleburg and Washington area. Boarding schools in Middleburg are really well-established boarding institutions in the country and can make your educational dreams come true! These schools have a broad offer of study courses and additional classes which serve as an additional attraction for those who want to expand their knowledge and skills. There is also something for those who want to master their hobbies and personal interests. Boarding schools in Middleburg have a great selection of extra-curricular activities and each student will find something interesting! Boarding schools in Middleburg are really great boarding schools and residential conditions and teachers are just outstanding! American boarding schools are just waiting for your decision to enjoy best residential education. Please take a closer look at our selection of boarding schools in Middleburg!

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