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Schools in Malvern, Worcestershire

Are you interested in studying at one of the best boarding schools in Worcestershire? Take a look at boarding schools in Malvern which may be those you will be studying at! Malvern is a spa town and civil parish in Worcestershire, England, governed by Malvern Town Council. This uniquely beautiful place has more to offer than just landscape, since there is always something happening in the area. And we are not talking here only about interesting events, such as festivals or concerts but also about the landmarks which need to be explored: the Enigma Fountain, the Malvinha Fountain and many others. When it comes to boarding schools in Malvern, these educational institutions are definitely one of the best schools in the UK. Teachers are eager to help their students in any kind of problem and they want to present new and modern methods of teaching. Students can benefit from number of extra-curricular activities, such as: football, lacrosse, tennis, art and music. What is more, students from boarding schools in Malvern can be proud of their school and additional achievements. Boarding schools in Malvern are the best for those who want to master their skill and who want to become members of the best school community! Take a closer look at our offer of boarding schools in Malvern!

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