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Schools in Lyndon Center, Vermont

Looking for some great boarding schools in the USA? Considering some of the finest boarding schools in Vermont? Maybe you will think of one of boarding schools in Lyndon Center? Lyndon is a town in Caledonia County, Vermont, United States. The Green Mountains are where you'll find world famous fall foliage, the sweetest maple syrup, historic yet lively downtowns and the most snow (and FUN in the snow) on the east coast. But there is so much more too - the local foods produced by our neighbor-farmers and sold at farmer's markets all year long, the world-class artists, the endless recreational and relaxing opportunities, the ultra-pampering spas and resorts, significant historic sites and pristine State Parks, the classic inns...the treasures of Vermont go on and on. Vermont's natural heritage covers a lot of areas. The abundance of natural beauty is made even more remarkable by the way it converges: seemingly endless emerald green fields lead to forests crowned by magnificent mountains. And then there's the water. A little known fact: Vermont is home to over 400 lakes and ponds, plus hundreds of streams. And, Lake Champlain is the sixth largest body of water in the United States. If you're seeking sun and sand - and a place where water can always be a part of the picture - come to Vermont. In Vermont, one thing is beautifully certain: The seasons will change. And with that change, so does the landscape, the weather, the water, the activities, and the way of life. With every season comes new opportunities to explore the world around you and new possibilities to find yourself, in Vermont. Boarding schools in Lyndon Center belong to one of top ranked boarding institutions in the world and it is connected with the fact that their study offer is really varied and full of possibilities! Take a look at our selection of boarding schools in Lyndon Center, Vermont USA and enjoy your education!

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