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Lincolnshire is a historic county located in the East of England with a county town of Lincoln and the county council has its headquarters here. The motto of council sounds: “Land and God”, which gives us just a small image of what is the most important for the residents. When it comes to the history of this county, it was originally called “Lindsey” as it is recorded in the Domesday Book. When it comes to the most interesting places in Lincolnshire, there are quite a lot of these and this is why we would like to point out just a few of them, these are: the Bolinbroke Castle, the Crowland Abbey, the Lincoln Cathedral and the Stamford Museum. As far as the education is concerned, boarding schools in Lincolnshire are considered to be one of the best as the authorities of the county really do care that it is on the highest international level. Boarding schools in Lincolnshire meet all the necessary international and national restrictions. Students at boarding schools in Lincolnshire can choose out from numerous study courses and extra-curricular activities.

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