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Schools in Limassol

Do you want to become a member of school community at one of the best boarding schools in Cyprus? Do you want to study at one of boarding schools in Limassol? Take a look at our selection of these schools presented below, but first read more about the city itself! Limassol, with a population of around 200,000 people, is the second largest city of Cyprus. Crime rates are very low compared to other European destinations, thing which makes it an ideal family location to live and work. Health services are also taken very seriously. Limassol Municipality has dedicated staff that take care of cleaning streets, buildings and public places in general. Limassol’s infrastructure is constantly upgraded from all aspects (way of living, education, public construction projects, etc), making Limassol the ideal location to buy a house or apartment to live with your family and maintain a healthy, active social life. When it comes to the most interesting places to visit, we should definitely mention the following ones: the medieval castle, which is one of the nine castles of Cyprus, the Archeological Museum, the Folk Art Museum or the series of public sculptures. Boarding schools in Limassol are also considered as the “landmarks” of the city, as residents often referred to those. Students from boarding schools in Limassol can benefit from number of international certificates and are given an option to choose some extra-curricular activities in order to master their hobbies and skills. Boarding schools in Limassol are really worth to take into consideration while planning your educational path! We are proposing a number of boarding schools in Limassol here.

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