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Leicestershire is a county in England which is situated in English Midlands and it takes its name from the city of Leicester and it is also the county town. Without doubt, we can qualify this region of England as one of the most beautiful holiday destinations which is gaining much more popularity in a past few years. People from Leicestershire do not hesitate and welcome foreign arrivals, which also includes students from other countries. When it comes to the most interesting places to visit while being in Leicestershire, we would like to give you some examples of what you might see. These are: the Ashby Castle, the Beacon Hill, the Charnwood Museum or the Bosworth Battlefield. Without a doubt, this county has also a great educational benefits. Boarding schools in Leicestershire can offer you the best school programs and plenty of study courses. Students at these schools are considered to be a one big family and often gather together during meetings or extra-curricular trips. Boarding schools in Leicestershire can also offer summer and winter camps which are beneficial to get together even more. School authorities at boarding schools in Leicestershire take care of their students needs and offer them the best education in the world.

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