Schools in Korea, D.p.r.o.

Do you want to study at some top boarding schools in Asia Pacific? Do you want to get the highest level of education and unique moments at boarding school? Take a closer look at boarding schools in Korea and you will not regret our decision! Boarding schools in Korea can offer you plenty of possibilities for getting the best education and for personal development. Korea is an East Asian territory which is divided into two distinct sovereign states namely: North Korea, also known as DPRK, Democratic’s People’s Republic of Korea, and South Korea, also known as ROK, Republic of Korea. It is located on the Korean Peninsula and border with China and Russia, the largest city in Korea is Seoul and the official language is Korean. Korea has a lot to offer to tourists because of its broad and rich history. The architecture of Korea is unique and you can admire its beauty at almost every corner of each city. We would like to give you some examples which need to be seen while visiting Korea: the National Museum of Korea, The Royal Tomb of the Joseon Dynasty, the War Memorial of Korea or the National Folk Museum of Korea. Boarding schools in Korea can offer a lot to both national and international students who are eager to master their skills at some top boarding schools. Students from boarding schools in Korea are offered many possibilities for personal development which is a substantial help while applying for colleges and universities. Boarding schools in Korea offer a chance to get international diplomas and certificates and the best teachers will help you to prepare for those. Please take a look at our selection of boarding schools in Korea!


Schools in Korea, D.p.r.o.

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