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Are you looking some top boarding schools in Bahrain? Maybe you will take a closer loo at those boarding schools in Juffair? Those schools can offer you a lot of possibilities to expand your knowledge and master your skills! We can say now: Welcome to Bahrain, Welcome to Juffair! It is one of the Gulf’s most forward-looking and cosmopolitan countries. At the heart of the Gulf, we are the Middle East’s natural crossroads. For thousands of years people have made these islands their base for visiting and trading with the wider region. Nowhere else will you find the same easy blend of openness, cost competitiveness and authenticity. Juffair is neighbouring with the capital of Bahrain - Manama and it was originally a separate village. When it comes to the most interesting places to see in Juffair, we should mention that the Manama has a lot to offer here and we will give you some examples: the Al Fateh Grand Mosque, the Arad Fort, the Beit Al Quaran or the Barbar Temple. Boarding schools in Juffair are one of the best schools in the Middle East which can offer the highest level of education combined with the modern methods of learning. Teacher are well-trained and eager to help their students develop and master their knowledge and hobbies. Special additional courses and many extra-curricular activities are offered to students at boarding schools in Juffair. Please take a look at our selection of top boarding schools in Juffair!

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Schools in Juffair

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