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Schools in Hong Kong

Are you looking for some best boarding schools in China? Take a closer look at boarding schools in Hong Kong and you will not be disappointed! Maybe you are a little bit afraid of the distance between your home and boarding schools in Hong Kong? Don’t be! These boarding schools can offer you not only the highest level of education but also a friendly atmosphere, thanks to which you will feel at home all the time! Hong Kong is a vibrant city which is a former British Colony, and which is now a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. The largest city in Hong Kong is Kowloon and there are two official languages: Chinese and English. Hong Kong became the British Colony after the first Opium War and in 1997 has became the first Special Administrative Region of China under the rule of “one country, two systems.” It means that, despite being a part of China, Hong Kong has a different political system. When it comes to the most interesting places to visit in Hong Kong we should mention the following ones: the Avenue of Stars, the Clock Tower, the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade or the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Boarding schools in Hong Kong belong to the world’s elite boarding schools, offering the best educational and study program in the world. Students from boarding schools in Hong Kong can enjoy also the practical aspect of learning, as well as choose some additional classes. Take a close look at our boarding schools in Hong Kong!

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