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Hertfordshire is another English county which is classified and referred to as the home county. It borders with the Greater London county and because of that it also gathers many international residents. The county town is Hertford and the county’s motto sounds: “Trust and fear not.” The most popular landmarks, which are mostly visited and appreciated by tourists, are: the Ashridge House, St. Albans Abbey, the Gardens of the Rose or the Butterfly World. Because of such a popularity among international tourists, boarding schools in Hertfordshire have also gained a really high popularity. Boarding schools in Hertfordshire are considered as the best institutions in the world because of the best teachres who are really dedicated for their job. Well, they actually do not treat this as a job but rather as a mission to teach the best members of our community. Boarding schools in Hertfordshire can also be appreciated because of the huge diversity of study courses and extra-curricular activities. This is really beneficial because candidates and students are given a lot of possibilities to choose from. Hertfordshire is a county which is located in Southern England with number of historical tourist attractions. This is one of the reasons why Hertfordshire boarding schools are so popular among those students who are interested in history and culture of England. Hertfordshire boarding school offer great variety of extra-curricular activities which are helpful to develop students’ knowledge, as well as to make them think about cultural heritage of their country. Such boarding schools also provide preparations courses, such as: A-levels, IB Courses and GCSE’s. This is another reason why Hertfordshire boarding school is perceived as one of the best boarding schools in the world.

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