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Schools in Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Looking for best boarding schools in Wesg Sussex, UK? Here we present a school in Haywards Heath. Together with its near neighbour Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath is the economic powerhouse of Mid Sussex, growing at a steady rate and providing jobs for many people all over West Sussex - although good road and railway connections mean that many of Haywards Heath's 25,000 residents commute to Gatwick and London too. And there are some interesting attractions nearby and plenty to do in the area. Within Haywards Heath there’s a conservation area around Muster Green which gives a flavour of what the village would have been like before the arrival of the London to Brighton railway spurred Haywards Heath to grow into the modern town we have today. There was a small civil war battle at Muster Green by the way in 1642 in which the parliamentarians routed a small Royalist force led by Sir Edward Ford of Uppark in West Sussex. Boarding schools in Haywards Heath have a lot to offer to both national and international candidates who want to receive the highest education in the world. At boarding schools in Haywards Heath international students will be able to master their English language skills and to learn at the unique boarding schools surrounding. Take a look at our offer of boarding schools in Haywards Heath which you will find below.

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