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Hampshire is a county located on the southern coast of England in the United Kingdom. What is particularly interesting the county town of Hampshire is Winchester which is a former capital city of England. Hampshire county is well-known for being a birthplace of such institutions as the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. When it comes to tourists attractions, then there are several of them which need to be mentioned: from many seaside resorts, the motor museum at Beaulieu to the national parks in the New Forest and the South Downs. Hampshire is also a home of such writers as Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. When it comes to boarding schools in Hampshire then candidates may be sure that these institutions are ranked among the best in the world. Hampshire can offer a lot for tourists but even more for the students. Boarding schools in Hampshire are known because of their devotion and an emphasis for cultural and personal development. Influence on basic human values such as: respect, empathy and understanding are those which are shaped among students of boarding schools in Hampshire. These values, combined with eager teachers, guarantee a transformation of teenagers into respectful young adults. Hampshire is a county on the southern coast of England in the United Kingdom. Board-ing schools in Hampshire offer the highest level of education which is awarded by num-ber of national prizes. Boarding schools are always a great choice when you want to teach your child self-awareness and independent thinking. At boarding schools in Hamp-shire there is number of specially planned educational programmes which are helpful during future examination sessions. What is more, students from boarding schools in Hampshire are really successful, as far as sport and artistic activities are concerned. What is more, these days boarding schools are gathering not only national but also in-ternational boarding schools’ students.

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