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Greater London

Greater London is a county in England and it was created in 1965, comprising the City of London and the London boroughs. We think that everyone is aware of the places which need to be seen while being in Greater London. Everything almost always concentrates around the city of London, and there is a reason for that, namely this city has a really plenty of landmarks and historical building to be seen. There are a few of them which are obligatory to be seen, and these are: the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, the London Eye or the Madame Tussauds Museum in London. However, London is not only the centre of international and national culture but also a center of education. Because of the fact that London attracts many international students, then there are also boarding schools in London which are qualified as “international”. Boarding schools in Greater London are those which are definitely ranked among the best of the best institutions in the world of education and graduates of which are accepted for the best colleges and universities and then they have an opportunity for an international business career. Boarding schools in Greater London are worth considering, especially by those who think seriously about their future and who want to be classified as a “crème de la crème” among future employers.

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