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Schools in Great Malvern, Worcestershire

Looking for boarding schools in Worcestershire? Boarding schools in Great Malvern may be the one which you were looking for. Great Malvern originated as a spa village with therapeutic qualities attributed to its springs. It was the Georgian fancy of taking the waters and later the Victorian popularity of the water cure that transformed Malvern into a Water Cure town. Doctors Gully and Wilson brought hydrotherapy – the water cure – from Austria and built the first water cure house in 1845. The growing influx of visitors necessitated accommodation, information and social recreation to rival such centers as Bath and Cheltenham. Although you can no longer take the water cure in Malvern, many of the impressive buildings are still in use as public buildings. The popularity of Great Malvern continued to grow even when the water cure had declined. George Bernard Shaw and Edward Elgar brought Great Malvern into the 20th Century with their music and theatre festivals held in the Winter Gardens. Today there is a new theatre complex in the old Winter Gardens; the old Iron Age tracks leading to St. Ann’s well and onto the hills are still walked by visitors; and cars as well as people now traverse Belle Vue Terrace. The delight of Great Malvern today is still its unspoilt beauty, with a glimpse of past Victoriana including our many still-working gaslamps, stunning views of the Severn Valley and exciting music and theatre. Boarding schools in Great Malvern are famous for its dedication to educate the best young people and these schools are becoming more popular among international students. We are presenting here the UK boarding schools in Great Malvern.

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