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Schools in Fleetwood, Lancashire

Fleetwood is a beautiful town located in the Wyre district of Lancashire. The town of Fleetwood was the first planned community of the Victorian era. Fleetwood is also a seaside resort, really popular among tourists’ destinations, because it is a great contrast of the city of Blackpool which lies nearby. Because of the fact that this is considered a tourist resort, there is plenty places to visit in Fleetwood, such as: the Mount Pavilion, the Fleetwood Museum, the St. Nicholas’ Church or the Queen’s Terrace. Boarding schools in Fleetwood also attracts many candidates who want to find out more about the chosen schools during open days which are organized during the year. boarding schools in Fleetwood can offer a lot to the most demanding candidates and their parents who are interested in only what is the best. These schools are considered to be as one of the most elite boarding schools in the UK and the teaching staff is formed of the best teachers in the country. Number of extra-curricular activities at boarding schools in Fleetwood is a great opportunity to master your skills and to find out what are one’s own hobbies and interests. Now take a look at our selection of boarding schools in Fleetwood and choose the one which is the best for you! Here we present boarding schools in Lancashire.

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