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English Schools

When it comes to English boarding schools, one should know some details concerning education at such facilities. What may be the most important information, is that a school year in British schools consists of three terms and begins always in September however, every school has its own dates of trimesters. Moreover, at English boarding schools there are school uniforms which have to be worn during a school day. Nearly all students at every English boarding school wear school uniforms which is connected with social integration and equalization of all pupils. Boys’ uniforms usually consists of a tie and a blazer and the girls generally need to wear a white blouse and a skirt. There is also something more that every future student of English boarding school should be aware of, namely types of schools which function in English education system. The first one which should be mention is College-Preparatory Boarding Schools which motivate and prepare students for their academic career during college years. Some of such schools offer special and additional programs for students who face some difficulties during learning process. Such English boarding school types are the most popular institutions in England. There are also such types of schools as: girls’ schools, boys’ schools, military schools or junior boarding schools. All of these are united when it comes to one common goal – all of these institutions wants their students to be successful graduates and successful employees. Each and every student is treated at boarding schools as an individual and because of such approach, each of them feels unique and teachers are able to discuss problems with every student separately which enables to find solutions in a fastest and more successful way.

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