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Schools in Elstree, Hertfordshire

Are you searching for best London located boarding schools. Here we present one in Hertfordshire, UK. Elstree is a village in the Hertsmere borough of Hertfordshire, England, on the former A5 road, which followed the course of Watling Street, approximately thirteen miles northwest of London. Elstree is perhaps best known for the Elstree Film Studios, where a number of famous British films were made, and the BBC's Elstree Studios, where the TV soap opera EastEnders is made; these are both located in Borehamwood. There is plenty of interesting places to see in Elstree: the Aldenham Country Park, the Leys, the Ohr Yisrael Synagogue, the Tykes Water Bridge. Boarding schools in Elstree are one of the best in the United Kingdom despite the fact that Elstree is not one of the most populous towns. Boarding schools in Elstree can offer the highest level of education and are one of the most affordable boarding schools in the region. Students can benefit because of the various study courses and extra-curricular activities connected with sport, art, music and theatre. Boarding schools in Elstree are the best choice for those candidates who want to study in a family atmosphere in the schools of a great respect for history and traditional values.

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