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East Sussex

East Sussex is a county located in the South East England and it borders with the English channel. East Sussex has a long lasting historical background, as most of the English counties, and its roots go back to the times of the Saxons kingdom. Moreover, there is also plenty interesting places to visit while being in East Sussex. One of these is the Seven Sisters Park and it is one of the main local attractions which gathers numbers of tourists each year. Moreover, there are also such landmarks as: the Royal Pavillion, home of Rudyard Kipling and the University of Sussex. However, East Sussex is not only famous for its landmarks but also boarding schools in East Sussex are something that this county is proud of. Boarding schools in East Sussex are one of the most popular schools in the UK with a really high level of graduates who attend the best national and international colleges and universities. What is more, boarding schools in East Sussex can offer the highest level of education and a wide choice of study courses and extra-curricular activities. Because of that, students have plenty of possibilities to decide what they want to do in the future. East Sussex is a county in South East England and has its roots in the ancient kingdom of the South Saxons. Because of this fact East Sussex has a number of historical places which are interesting for tourist. What is more, this is also a reason why students from boarding schools in East Sussex may benefit from number of cultural heritage attrac-tions. Boarding schools in East Sussex belong to top boarding schools for international students in the world. These boarding schools gather number of talented students each school year and educate best boarding schools graduates who may choose out of num-ber of the best Universities in the world. What is more, boarding schools in Sussex offer great variety of preparation courses such as: A-levels, GCSE’s and IB Diploma, which may be helpful while planning your future education. If you consider sending your child to one of top boarding schools in England, then you should consider choosing one of boarding schools in East Sussex. These boarding schools in Sussex offer, apart from the highest level of education, highly qualified teaching staff which is always willing to support each student individually.

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