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Cumbria is one of the counties in England which borders with Scotland and the Isle of Man and its West Coast lies near the Irish Sea. This county is another one which is classified among the biggest counties in England and a county town is Carlisle. The motto of Cumbria sounds: “I have lifted up mine eyes upon the hills” and this is one of the most meaningful mottos in England. It appears that Cumbria is becoming more and more developed county with numerous modern technological solutions which makes people’s lives easier. When it comes to the most meaningful landscapes, we should mention: the Brough Castle, the Millom Folk Museum, the Furness Abbey or the Lake Windermere. Cumbria is also one of the most popular places of students destinations. Boarding schools in Cumbria are those which attracts many candidates because of the best residential conditions and the highest level of education which is offered. Schools community appears to be the second home for most of the students and teachers are really carrying towards the students. Boarding schools in Cumbria are ranked really high in all of schools rankings. When it comes to the extra-curricular activities, all of you may be sure that boarding schools in Cumbria can present you with quite a number of possibilities.

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