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Cornwall is an outstanding place with an impressive coast Line which is perfect Just to admire it. this is because of the fact that Cornwall is a peninsula bordered to the north and west by the Celtic Sea and to the south by English Channel. Boarding schools in Cornwall are also considered as the outstanding schools to study in, to broader one’s own horizons and to shape individual skills. Moreover, students from boarding schools in Cornwall are exposed to a numerous cultural and art attractions which help in development of their cultural sensitivity. The most famous visual arts, which may appear as interesting for students, are the Tate Gallery, numerous music festivals and many artworks at the Museum in St. Ives. Because of such a diversity of attractions and extra-curricular activities, students from boarding schools in Cornwall can enjoy or rather combine the best education possible with its practical aspect. Teachers from boarding schools in Cornwall are aware of the fact that the best way to learn is to do it with pleasure. Finally, schools in Cornwall are considered as the best in the world and it would be a waste if you didn’t take a look at our offer of boarding schools in Cornwall.

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