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How It Works

Thinking about boarding schools in England? This is a great way of thinking! UK is not only a beautiful place to study but also offers a great number of boarding schools. This is why anyone can find something that is the best! It is not important whether you want to attend school for boys, girls or even Christian school – you may be sure that UK has it all! And we are here to help you find the school of your dreams which help you get the best education possible!

Here’s how to find the information you are after

All methods of working with YOU are described on Find a school page. You do not pay any fee for our services! They are FREE OF CHARGE for any student/parent/family interested in an international boarding school admission process. ALL FEES ARE PAID DIRECTLY TO THE SCHOOL.

First, find what you’re looking for (or get an inspiration!) It is super-easy to use our database. Here are four ways to get inspired:
  1. Search box: Enter qualifications you are interested in, a country and city you are after, etc, use advanced search if required
  2. Drop down menus: Find the details about your preferred type of school. Sub-categories make it easy to find exactly what you’re after
  3. Inspiration: We have themed collections and highlights of almost all possible schools including their religious standing etc, showing you our favourite and fresh discoveries
  4. Can't find what you are after? Contact us - it's the highlight of our day when we find you just what you were looking for!

Please use our experience when choosing the boarding school for your daughter or son!

We assist families in making boarding school choice.

We can travel with parents to any boarding school in the UK, assist them in assessing the chosen schools.

We can also travel to any destination in the world with you to see a boarding school you have chosen and help you to make a right decision. This service is paid for, please make an enquiry, if interested to use our consulting advice. We speak English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and many other languages.

Our telephone number in London +442030269440. Lines are open 9am - 5pm London time. Please kindly call us for a free initial consultation! You can also email us or arrange for a skype conversation.

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