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How to evaluate and choose your best boarding school?

How to get admission to top UK, USA, Switzerland boarding schools?

Please note that our boarding school placement consultancy assignments are FREE of charge to all families and students.

In cases when it is required to visit schools with the parents or travelling abroad to meet the families, will fees apply.

We help with British boarding schools placement, American boarding schools, Swiss boarding schools, and we provide for you listings of boarding schools in other countries worldwide. Our experts advisors live in the countries where best boarding schools are located and visited them on many occasions.

British/American education system offers state education for post 16 year olds and private sector/independent schools (generally with smaller classes and smaller student enrollments). Many schools offer flexible boarding programme range focussing on fast access to British or American university (University Foundation Programmes). Many schools offer programmes of vayring lenghts and intensities, where students will learn from world established leaders, will study theory of leadership and have a chance to put into practice these skills within debate and practical assignments/projects work. These skills acquired in British/American education system will develop character, tolerance of others' views, successful ways of thinking and implementing these ideas and proven strategies that lead to success. Many programmes will suit the pre-university student, the gap year student and all wishing to spend just a year or a term in British/American boarding high school.

You can trust us - our service is CONFIDENTIAL, PROFESSIONAL and what is most important - protects you from many costly mistakes. It assures having multiple intelligences focused on each child’s placement by our team. Many schools cater for elite students from international communities and provide safe facilities for most demanding families. Please ask to see what assistance can be offered in this respect.

If you need more detailed information about how to select your top boarding school in England, USA, Canada, Switzerland or anywhere else, please consider our services!

Please send us by e-mail (scanned copy) these accompanying documents:

A copy of your child's two most recent school reports

1-2 page (A4) English (or other language if a boarding school is located in non a English speaking country) essay by your child on his / her person and expectations of a boarding school abroad

2 letters of teacher recommendations (from Maths and English teachers, or other if preferable)

A recent photo of your child

We offer parents:

information about the educational system in UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany (or any other chosen country), comparison of the educational offers, help with choosing the best offer, insights on established procedures which are mandatory for children entering public or private schools.

How do we work?

We provide personalized advices. Our consultants contact with you by phone, Skype or e-mail.

Most of our clients would like to find the best schools for their children - we are ready to help them to achieve this goal!

Our placement service is a perfect offer for families which live in the country where the boarding school is situated or for families which live abroad of such country.

Most parents think about education of their children earlier. Places in the best UK boarding schools, American high schools and Swiss boarding schools should sometimes be booked two years in advance. Some parents want to improve their children school results and they can change freely their place of residence.


More about Boarding Schools Placement Service

We offer an initial consultation with the aim of creating a student’s profile and

●       a verification of information about selected boarding schools

●       information about availability of places in selected educational institutions

●       interviews and advices on entrance exams

●       a content-related evaluation of schools

●       a summary after meeting/discussion with a school representatives


How do we work?

Our administrator receives a message from our client with his or her initial questions. The message can be delivered through an e-mail or a phone call.

Our advisors are able to answer all of our client’s questions. All of advisors have years of experience – they possess knowledge about advantages and disadvantages of selected schools as they had many opportunities to familiarize themselves with the offer of many campuses personally.

We provide help with the process of admission of their child to a new school. We also provide help with creating a proper opinion of the child and preparing the child to entrance exams; for those looking for advice about possibilities of education in a few selected countries; for those having children with special educational needs, e.g.: gifted, had a gap-year, having problems with learning due to health issues; considering different boarding schools with different educational methods and different educational offer; in need of fast solutions because of close relative’s loss, expulsion from school or not being able to continue the study in current institution.

Best Boarding Schools is able to organize a direct meeting for parents, children and advisor in any country. These meetings require fee payment upfront.

Our assistance
ensures: help with understanding differences between our client’s country of residence educational system and the educational system in the selected country,  help in preparing our client children to studying in an international boarding school, an option to visit selected schools together with the consultant or to commission it to an advisor/also help with looking for the best accommodation in hotels, air connection and transport connection after arriving at a selected school.


Consider hiring a consultant when touring your chosen boarding schools, we can travel with you to any worldwide destination!

Professional boarding school placement advisor can also help you sort through your choices. At we offer FREE of charge advice to all interested parents. Please see what we can do for you! We assist families in making the boarding school choice. We can travel with parents to any boarding school, assist them in assessing the chosen schools. We can also travel to any destination in the world with you to see a boarding school you have chosen and help you to make a right decision.  We speak English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Slovak and some other languages, please make an enquiry. We are committed to help each student to reach their full potential in an international boarding school setting.

Our Team

Margaret Kos is an owner and a UK Boarding Schools Placement Consultant at Best Boarding Schools and a global mobility expert with more than 20 years experience working with the international community. She has been Management Consultant for several top education consultancies, has worked for the EU and national governments. She speaks English and has travelled extensively in Europe, America and Asia on International Business consultancy projects. She is based in London, UK.

Julie Wang is UK and Europe School Placement Consultant at Best Boarding Schools with an extensive knowledge of European and Asian cultures. Julie enjoyed growing up in China. Julie speaks English and Chinese. Her keen interest in education and her personal experience as well as visits to schools all around Europe has given her the ability to offer bespoke consultancy regarding top boarding schools for most prestigious clientele. She is based in London, UK.

Christopher White is US Boarding Schools Placement Consultant at Best Boarding Schools with an extensive knowledge of American and Asian cultures. Chris has lived iin the US and Asia and has worked for many years for International Education consultancies. He helps students to choose their schools in the US and assists families on their visits to schools all around the US and Canada. He has worked for many prestigious clientele from the Middle East, LaTam countries and Asia. Speaks English, Russian and some Chinese. Chris is based in New York, USA.

Alexander Lefèvre is Canada Boarding Schools Placement Consultant at Best Boarding Schools with a great experience of assisting international families. Alex has lived in Japan, Australia and New Zealand before moving to Canada. He has worked for International Education consulting business. Alex helps students with their admissions in Canada and assists families on their visits to schools all around the US and Canada. He has worked for elite clients from the Middle East, LaTam countries and Asia. Speaks English and French. Alex is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Gavin Ferrari is Swiss Boarding Schools Placement Consultant at Best Boarding Schools with great experience of assisting elite families in search for their schools. He helps students to choose their schools in Switzerland and assists families on their visits to schools all around Switzerland, France and Germany. Worked for most prestigious clientele from Middle East and Asia. Speaks English, German, French and some Italian. Gavin is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Teresa Sedano is Spain Boarding Schools Placement Consultant at Best Boarding Schools with great experience of assisting families and students in search for their schools all over the world. Has worked for many years as an English teacher. Theresa helps students to choose their schools in UK, US and Spain and assists families on their visits to schools all around Spain, France and UK. Speaks Spanish and English. Teresa is based in Malaga, Spain.

Peter Hoffmann is Germany Boarding Schools Placement Consultant at Best Boarding Schools. Has worked for many years as a German teacher. Peter helps students to choose their schools in Germany, UK, US, France, Switzerland and assists families on their visits to schools all around the world. Speaks German and English. Peter is based in Cologne, Germany.

Robin Baker is UK Boarding Schools Financial Planner. Robin is a school fees specialist, advising clients on the most efficient way to pay to put their children through private education. His role at Best Boarding Schools is to advice parents and grandparents on best ways to cover the fees for British boarding schools. He works purely and solely in family best interests. Robin is based in London, UK.

Marta Kobierski is UK and Swiss Schools Placements Consultant at Best Boarding Schools, was born in Slovakia and raised in New York. She has lived in Chicago, Lausanne and London, and so has had first-hand experience of relocation with 3 young children and creating a home on a few continents. She speaks English, Russian, Slovak and Polish. Marta is based in London, UK.

David Anderson is an Australian Schools Placement Consultant at Best Boarding Schools. David has lived in the Sydney area for more than 30 years and has extensive experience of boys only education both in the classroom and serving on the boys only boarding schools association board. David holds B.A, B.Ed, Dip TG, Cert of Residential Care M.A.C.E Diplomas and was a Senior Boarding Housemaster Shore School North Sydney between 1994 – 2013. He has been involved with serving as a Vice President of the International Boys' School Coalition. A current Member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association. He speaks English. David is based in Sydney, Australia.

Ana Otano Moreno is a South American Schools Placement Consultant at Best Boarding Schools. Ana is providing education consultancy services in South America. Ana speaks Spanish, English, French and Italian and has lived in a few LatAm countries. Ana is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.