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Schools in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Are you interested in boarding schools in UK? Are you looking for boarding schools England which will meet your high expectations? We can tell you that boarding schools in Chipping Norton are one of these schools which represent high level of education combined with modern and practical approach to learning and teaching. Chipping Norton is a market town in the Cotswolds Hills n the West Oxfordshire in the district of Oxfordshire in England, and is located about 19km away from Banbury and 29km from Oxford. The town's name meaning is 'market north town', with "Chipping" (coming from the Old English) meaning 'market'. Chipping Norton began its existence as a small settlement at the foot of a hill on which stand the Chipping Norton Castle, the remains of which exist until the present days. There is so many beautiful places to see in Chipping Norton, and we have to limit ourselves to just a few examples of such. And these are the following: the Chipping Norton Town Hall, the Bliss Mill, the Chipping Norton Recording Studios or the Chipping Norton Railway Station. Boarding schools in Chipping Norton are one of the top ranked international boarding schools which can compete with another giants of international boarding education. Students from boarding schools in Chipping Norton belong to the most talented and determined students and achieve a lot of success in the national and international school contests. Boarding schools in Chipping Norton offer its students a lot of possibilities for personal development. Please take a closer look at our selection of boarding schools in Chipping Norton.

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