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Cheshire is a county in England located in North West England in the United Kingdom. The county town is the city of Chester, and this county is mostly rural region with many small towns and villages along the River Mersey. The most often exported products are: Cheshire cheese, salt, bulk chemicals and woven silk. This is also a historic county with a high respect for basic human values and which really cares about its habitants and foreign residents. When it comes to the interesting places to see in Cheshire you will find plenty of these. Here are just some of them: the Beeston Castle, the Chester Cathedral, the Crewe Town Council or the Eaton Hall. Education is also a crucial aspect of the development of this county. Boarding schools in Cheshire are those which can offer the highest education possible, combined with plenty study courses and possibilities for student exchange. This international aspect of boarding schools in Cheshire is a great solution to mix various cultures and habits. Because of this, students are taught that discrimination and racism are not beneficial and these are the honesty and toleration which really do matter. Boarding schools in Cheshire are part of the most elite and prestigious educational institutions in the world with the best residentianl and teaching conditions. Boarding school in Cheshire is ranked among those schools which can offer not only the highest level of education but also a possibility for number of various educational cours-es, as well as student exchange. Boarding school with students exchange programme is always a good choice, as it is a possibility to broaden students’ horizons, as well as ena-ble international integration. Cheshire boarding school belong to one of most elite and prestigious boarding schools in the country with the best residential and learning condi-tions. Cheshire boarding school offer preparation educational courses which are signifi-cant as far as A-levels, GCSE’s and IB Certificates are concerned.

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